Kyle Lowry, Walter White, March Madness and More

march 16 cover image

Well it’s Mid-March and we are officially a year into this mess known as the pandemic and now the media is pushing the arrival of the third wave. Cool.

Does anyone else feel like March 2020 and March 2021 have merged? Thank goodness I have an Instagram feed to remind me that the last 12 months existed. Seriously, if I close my eyes, I can instantly go back to this time last year and it feels like it is now. We were on the kid’s March Break, or March Broke as I was calling it, and trying to navigate staying busy with the boys.

It’s been a year since signing up for Disney +. It’s been a year since I started playing Red Dead Redemption. It’s been a year since I watched no March Madness.

Anyways, how are you? How is life going for you? Gotten your vaccine yet?

How about a brain dump?

Will the Raptors trade Kyle?

So will they, or won’t they? Next week is the NBA trade deadline and Kyle Lowry is the belle of the ball it seems. It’s true, he could help so many teams go right to NBA title contender, but I just don’t see it happening.

His salary is large and Masai is not going to make a bad deal just to get it done. They want valuable assets back in picks or young players they can put into their top notch development system.

By the end of next week, Kyle will still be a Raptor and that is fine with me.

Side note: Can we get everyone back out of COVID-19 protocol please.

Breaking Bad (again)

The quality of new TV shows to watch hasn’t been great. We have pretty much exhausted what’s out there so I am going back to some classics.

I started to watch Breaking Bad again from the start. The first time around I watched it on the weekly cadence which was fine, but being able to binge it, has given me even great appreciation of the show. Vince Gilligan is a master.

With the upcoming season of Better Call Saul supposedly lining up with the Breaking Bad timeline, it’s a great time to have a refresher.

I still hate Skylar. Just saying.

Watching Your Honor with Brian Cranston also got me hooked on the idea of rewatching BB. Cranston’s character in Your Honor had moments of Walter White that were hard to ignore. I am also realizing Jesse Pinkman is one of the best TV characters ever. I should make a list.

Who would be on yours?

We recently finished The Flight Attendant and Your Honor. Oh my God when is Succession back?

For All Mankind has not been as good in Season 2.

David Chang, please make more TV.

March Madness time

The annual college hoops tournament has been a staple in my life for decades. Brackets, upsets, heartbreak city, one shining moment and Capital One ads. It’s where you get to experience the highs and lows of sport better than anywhere else. For 3 weeks, it is basketball heaven.

So why did I forget it even existed this year? Did last year’s cancelation due to COVID-19 break me?

I did not watch a second of college hoops this year until a few weeks ago when I saw on the news, my beloved Michigan Wolverines were the top seed. I honestly did not even know they were playing a season.

Since, I have tried to get into it again. To care. To feel the emotions. But it’s been hard. Deep down maybe I feel it’s completely wrong college kids are even playing during a pandemic. For free like always.

The brackets are out. Pools are happening and yet it’s Tuesday before the games start and I have no idea who is even the odds on favourite.

I just looked. It’s Gonzaga. Yes, the Zags. They are good every year and never get it done. But this year right?

Ok, I will try and get into it today by reading up on who’s good. Maybe watch some old One Shining Moment videos.

What’s cooking

Since spring is in the air and I had the Big Green Egg doing work last week. I kicked off the season with a healthy meatloaf. But not before I gave the Big Green Egg a good spring cleaning.

meatloaf on big green egg

It was turkey-based and while it took much longer to cook than the recipe said, everyone enjoyed it. Bonus was the roasted potatoes went from good to great with extra time.

I have also been doing that TikTok tortilla folding thing for Harry’s lunch. It’s amazing how a change in appearance can improve results. I think he has eaten every one. Says it is easy to eat compared to a wrap.

Farm Boy

Have you been to Farm Boy? We went for the first time a few weeks ago. I have since been back. Why? Those pretzels man. Amazing.

farm boy pretzels

What’s up with kids?

We went to the mall on weekend to get the boys some new shoes. First it was incredibly weird to line up to get into a mall. But because of limits on how many people can be inside, we did. Standing in line to get into the Dufferin Mall is so Toronto.

Once we got to shoe shopping, the sales person asked what sizes I was looking for. I told her three and six. She pointed where three was and said for six and above, to look in the men’s section! Wait? Harry was now in the men’s section for shoes? I had a moment.

But as he is nears being the same height as Katie, I recall that by the time I was 12-13 years old, I had size 12 shoes. Harry at 11, now has eights. Stay tuned for when we are eye to eye in like a year.

I am now old like I saw my parents.

Being back to in-school learning has brought our kids back to having joy again for learning. The difference in their moods has always changed for the better. No more online school please.

Health check

I wore a halter last week for my cardiologist to check if the Afib is totally gone after my Ablation procedure in June. I have to say, I have not felt any racing or odd feelings for such a long time, I forget it was even there.

This summer will be three years since my hospital stay and I have to say, I feel really good.

I have been using the exercise bike every morning and going for 4km walks most afternoons.

Take that Apple Watch rings.

Now I just need to lose some pandemic weight. I am trying to keep it simple. Cut out heavy carb breakfasts or lunches. Eat more fruit and veg. And for the love of God, stop eating chips late at night.

Final thoughts

I need a hair cut. Praying for the red zone soon. This is the longest I think I have ever gone without a cut.

I want Rick Hillier’s job. 20 grand/month. Don’t have to really deliver. Quit when you want. But I would have to interact with Doug Ford. So, hard pass.

Have you tried to watch Instagram Reels? Wow, it’s just 20 year old smiley people telling you how to optimize your profile or the latest Canva hack. What’s the point? I guess I need to filter down to the actual good content.

I miss sitting in restaurants and the feeling of the free bread basket arriving.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.