What TV shows I am watching right now

Happy day after Family Day. It’s back to the normal grind for most after a long weekend of family activities, the usual weekend stuff, and catching up on TV shows.

While things were looking pretty empty for a few weeks, the TV show library is starting to pick up the pace again.

The streamers are starting to release new shows on the regular after the various strikes from last year slowed everything down.

Here’s what I have been watching in 2024 so far.

Getting to know ChatGPT

Good morning all, happy Thursday. It’s the day before an extra long weekend in our house. PA Day tomorrow and Family Day on Monday. So that gives today a bit of a Friday feel.

For today’s post I wanted to share with you my learnings of using ChatGPT, the AI tool that is taking over the world.

In the early days I used to mostly for playing around and testing what it could do. Writing silly emails to friends and seeing what it would say when you asked it subjective questions.

It’s been a huge help in resume creation and cover letter writing as well as kick starting some idea generation.

I still think it’s pretty obvious when you read it that a computer created it, but it’s getting better.

RMHC® Canada unveils family cookbook to support growing food program

This is a direct copy and paste of the news release I recieved. I get a lot of these, but this one I felt was worth sharing.

Don’t really want to read it? I asked my friend ChatGPT to summarize for you.

RMHC Canada, RBC Insurance, and Chef Chuck Hughes collaborate to launch the RMHC Family Cookbook, aiming to alleviate food insecurity for families with seriously ill children across Canada. The cookbook, featuring recipes from 16 Ronald McDonald Houses, seeks to provide hope and nourishment, with each download triggering a donation from RBC Insurance. RMHC addresses the pressing issue of food insecurity by offering critical meal programming, recognizing the financial and emotional strains on families facing pediatric illnesses. The initiative underscores the joint commitment of RBC Insurance and RMHC Canada to support families during challenging times, emphasizing the importance of community support in ensuring no family goes hungry during their healing journey.

Dad’s musical odyssey: Navigating the tunes of parenthood

Hey there, rockstar parents. We need to talk about a topic as crucial as the perfectly executed diaper change, the unparalleled joy of finding a lost toy in the couch cushions, or the tactical brilliance required to sneak vegetables into mac ‘n’ cheese. Brace yourselves – we’re diving into the world of dad’s musical tastes. You know, those tunes that keep us groovin’ through the chaos of parenting.

So, picture this: you’re driving the minivan with kids in tow, and suddenly, “Baby Shark” starts playing on the car radio. You clench the steering wheel, contemplating if it’s too early for a mid-life crisis. Fear not, fellow parent. Your musical taste hasn’t vanished; it’s just taking a detour through the realm of children’s tunes.

Pricey streams

We watch a lot of TV in our house. Well, at least my wife and I. The kids watch almost zero TV, but that’s another story for another day. For my wife and I, TV is one of our things. It’s what we do most evenings and for me in particular, it’s what I do for a lot of my down time. Thankfully in 2024, there are an endless amount of shows and movies to watch. But is it more about quantity than quality? It’s certainly going that way and funny enough, we are starting to pay more for less.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that it was impossible to keep up with all the latest productions. Then it was becoming annoying that new steamers were popping up and each had their own price for entry. The good shows were spread pretty evenly across all platforms so to not have FOMO, you tried out the free week and in the end, signed up for another service. Sound familiar?