Quick reference guide: Cooking temperatures for perfectly grilled meats

Achieving the perfect doneness for your favourite meats is an art, and mastering the right cooking temperatures is the key. I swear I Google this information every time I cook or grill chicken, beef or pork. Whether you’re firing up the grill or using your oven, having a quick reference guide can make a world of difference. In this post, I will quickly break down the recommended cooking temperatures for various meats, ensuring your next meal is cooked to perfection. I also won’t bore you with some story ahead of time as I know you are here for the straight goods.

My unimportant recap of Super Bowl LVIII

So it’s the morning after. The confetti has been cleaned up, flights are moving people out of Las Vegas and everyone is sharing their morning after feelings on the big game.

Well, I am going to do the same. But mostly I am going to share the best of “X” since the few people who read this are not on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Taylor Swift made it to the game, many ads were aired showing celebs selling out hard for every brand you can think of, Usher put on a show and the Kansas City Chiefs won a somewhat boring game it OT 25-22 over the San Francisco 49ers.

Best meats to cook on Big Green Egg

Even though it’s the dead of winter, it’s hard not to think about firing up the Big Green Egg and cooking some meat.

People always ask me, do you still grill in the winter? While I have not yet done it in 2024, I did smoke a ham for Christmas.

Whether it’s hot and steamy, or cold and icey, it’s always nice to be outside fussing over tempertures and the size of your fire.

So to keep me fired up so to speak, I thought it would be fun to cover the best meats to cook on the Big Green Egg. These are the meats I get the most joy out of cooking as well as the final product.

Honey they shrunk the groceries

For most of you, this won’t be breaking news. Your groceries are shrinking right before your eyes. Well not literally, but if you are the person doing the grocery shopping, I bet you are noticing your favourite treat, cereal, cheese or even bread shrinking.

Whether it’s the hilarious size of what a block of cheese is now, to the fact that in a box of KD, it’s hardly filled to half.

Every week as we unload the groceries, there is at least one item where someone will say – did this get smaller?

Big Green Egg Jerk Chicken Recipe

big green egg jerk chicken

Over the years, I have grilled, smoked, baked and added fire to many recipes in the backyard. One dish that keeps getting requested by my wife is Big Green Egg jerk chicken.

Recently, to help celebrate my wife’s birthday, I whipped up a batch of jerk chicken and this time around wanted to share the recipe with you.

There are few dishes I make that pack more flavour into the final product than jerk chicken. For almost a full day, the spicy smell of pepper is stuck in your nose and on your hands. This is not a bad thing.