When You Have Boys, You Better Have Bandaids

Man, our three-year old lately has just been a mess. The human bruise would be fitting. He is covered in dark circles ranging from brown to purple. Pretty typical for a toddler figuring it all out.

In the last week he has stepped up his game and added scratches and red marks. For a mild-mannered guy, his anger and non-listening has also gone up lately.

Last week, we had to sign a note at his school because he bit another kid. Turns out later, we discovered a rather large bump on his head, that could have triggered the rage to bite. It was a real golf ball on the head.

Then his first day back after that incident, we got a call from the school saying he scratched up his face going down a slide head first. I guess he hit the gravel at the bottom. In the school’s defense, they did ask him not to do it.

Both times, he was fine as can be. Nothing hurts this kid. This is funny to us because he looks like a hockey player after four weeks of the playoffs.

This is all new to us. A growing boy who just has to learn things for himself. It is hard to watch, especially as the scratches, bruises and welts pile up. I guess we should be happy that nothing has been broken or needed a trip to the hospital.

With another boy on the train to crawling, we should just get used to this right?

I can’t even imagine what is to come as they grow up.

So my advice for the day. Stock up on bandaids.