Coming Up On 6 Months – Where Did The Time Go?

478_445744118837369_1428463741_nNext week are baby boy, will be 6-months old. What? Really? It has been that long already?

Yep. The best part is we are almost out of the not-so-fun parts of the whole experience and into the really fun stuff.

The sleeping through the night is almost there, the sitting is almost there and the interaction is almost there.

Every day we work on the sitting and it is so close. That opens up a lot of new things. Big bath, other stroller options and just more playing and fun with everyone.

For my wife, the breast-feeding is coming to a close. I know she wishes she could do it longer, but it just is hard and does not make sense to prolong it. I hear the pumping is unpleasant. Plus now I can help out with bottles.

The boy has become very handsy which is fun to watch him go for things. Whether it be his toys, low hanging food and my favourite to watch, his brother.

Speaking of his brother, on a side note, it is almost 8am and the guy is still sleeping.

The rolling over is happening, the vision of quick crawling is happening and this includes a lot of smiles.

Boy 2 I swear smiles 85% of his time which seems way more than Boy 1 but I honestly don’t remember.

For photos, boy 2 is always smiling. He loves the camera and knows it is there.

6-months also means a lot of new additions in the food world. Rice crackers, different forms of mush and whatever else we can try out.

There is one more big change at 6-months as well, but that is going to be left for a later day. Check back in this week for that.