Sorry For Not Daddy Bloggin’

Man where did the last two weeks go? I just realized I have not done a post since Feb. 28th. That is pretty embarrassing for a guy who used to throw down like Bobby Flay when it came to blogging.

The reason for my lack of words? Two boys.

Pretty fitting that the reason I have not had time to work on my parent related blog is because I have been parenting.

There are so many parent blogs out there, I often wonder how they do it? Do they have 26 hours in a day? Do they have kids who come pre-trained? Do they even have kids and are just doing a front? Who knows.

All I know, is that between our two boys, work and trying to keep the home life afloat, there is certainly little time to write about it.

The free time I do have, I tend to be sitting on the couch for 10 minutes before passing out for two hours.

So, is this going to change? Should I even keep trying to have this blog?

Oh, don’t you worry, I will be making it happen going forward.

The plan was always to get a blog going and have it ready to focus on once April hit. What is in April? Well that is another post for another day.

The plan was to have things set to really focus on making a go of this.

I have been doing some minor networking with other dads and setting up social media sites. All in preparation for bigger things.

The last two weeks have not been any busier than the previous few months, it just has hit me harder. Factor in the blah days of the end of winter and it all makes sense.

But now that the clocks have changed and spring is almost here, the energy level is going to change for the better.

Our boys are doing great.

Our three-year old is loving his new part-time situation for preschool. He spends two days a week at home and three at school. On home days my wife and the two boys have a lot of fun. They even had a movie and pj day last week.

Our five-month old is one happy guy. He is a jolly old soul and it is great to see him grow. The sleeping is still a thing. He does not sleep through the night yet, but it is getting better. He has discovered the use of his hands, so that is a lot of fun.

Well, I guess I better get back to my day and all the other stuff that needs doing.

But I did it, I added a blog post for March. You will be hearing much more from this dad going forward. No worries there.

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  1. Michael, That’s the great thing about blogging; you can take some time away as needed then come back. You’ve built a great community here, so I am sure people will be forgiving. Don’t beat yourself up, and perhaps you might want to set smaller blogging goals (like once per month?) so you feel more empowered if you get 4 in for the month. Just my two cents.


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