Well Hello There Terrible Twos


I have heard about it but never experienced it. The Internet says it is real, but can you believe what you read?

Today, I got a very slight glimpse of what many have spoken of.

The terrible twos they call it.

Our youngest, turned two on Friday and over the last few days, it is like he did some research on how he is supposed to wield this new age at us.

Small things like disagreements, not wanting to sit at the table, not wanting to go a certain way or even wanting to sleep.

Then today, his first day back at work let’s say (Monday), our boy went to work on being two.

Terrible is harsh. Maybe let’s call it tiring twos.

Me being the one who is tired.

Our normal and pleasant walk around the neighbourhood quickly morphed into, I want to do the complete opposite of everything you want to do.

Let’s walk this way turned into that way.

Let’s ride the scooter turned into being pushed on the scooter.

Of course different variables of each of those.

Charlie, his true sign on not being on board, is walking away and just standing against a wall or a tree. It’s his way of saying nope, I am going to just go over here and wait for you to cave.

We did not get very far on our walk and it was only saved by going over to a hill and rolling down it over and over.

Then we did the above all over again trying to get home.

That was a chore.

I did get a pardon of sorts for lunch. Charlie sat in his chair and ate. It was delightful.

After we picked Harry up from school, there was some decent play time before the boy who is two, started to draw his tiny lines in the sand.

He wanted certain toys and even if he was done, he still wanted them. This meant more rolling on the floor in anger until things reverted back to how he liked it.

But the grand finale of this movie called tiring twos was dinner time.

It was like the wheels came off on lap 44.

There was:

  • Not wanting to sit in his chair.
  • Crying and loudly.
  • Pushing plates and sippy cup away.
  • Throwing food.
  • Picking up place mat.
  • Trying to throw fork.
  • Getting mad at the food he did not want to eat was going to someone else who was hungry.
  • Making a loud spitting noise.
  • Finally getting up and leaving the room.

It was a production.

The part I was impressed at. Everyone else kept there cool and did not throw gas on the fire.

I am sure the kid was just tired. He is growing. He is learning to be a new age. He is realizing he is becoming more of a kid every day.

That is a lot to handle on day four of being two.

So before we label him under this terrible two category, we are going to cut the kid some slack. Let’s see how he is in a week, two weeks, two months  and so on.

Our first kid flew right on through the age of two without much hassle. But maybe, we are going to see it this time around. To soon to tell.

But based on tonight’s production at dinner, we better get ready for more.

Suggested theme music – Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine – as fries fly through the air.

How is your two-year old? Terrible, trying, tiring or just two?


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