A Month To Remember


Hello October, how’s it hanging?

Hard to believe that fall is here, which means of course that one of the busiest months for this family is over.

September was a big change for us. We moved, we started school, there was a birthday, we went on a kid-free vacation, there were job interviews and we got to try out our wonderful and new neighbourhood.

I don’t think there were many days that did not involve something bug and busy.

It feels like two months ago that we moved, hard to believe it has only been four weeks. I am tired just thinking about it.

But at the end of the day, we are all happy, healthy and  loving our new life on the west side of Toronto.

Our Place

It has taken some time to get used to renting again over having your own house, but the space is perfect for us. The location is amazing with everything we need within walking distance. The kids love the space they have to run around (in and out of the house) and I am having fun unpacking it all while Katie is at work. There are still boxes around but I think we have reached the stage of the place being functional. Now we just have to start optimizing and make it feel more like a home. The few things we don’t like are easy to get past once you focus on all the good stuff.


Pretty simple – Harry loves school. I only wish he could have started last year. He is a sponge for information. Out of nowhere last week he just wrote his name on the sidewalk. I asked him where he learned that and he just said school. The teachers are great and the other kids seem to really look up to Harry. There is a school fair in a few weeks that will be very excited and this week, we get to go and meet his teachers. The walk is a short one and something that Charlie and I look forward to each day.

The Area

We can walk to High Park, Bloor West Village, The Junction and Roncesvalles all within 20 minutes. It makes for a lot of options for playing, eating, shopping and just wandering around. High Park is the crown jewel of course, as you will take years (if ever) to get bored with that place. When we are not going to one of those areas, we have an amazing alley out back where all the kids of the street play. Our street has so many kids under seven, that it is always a lot of fun out there for biking, scooters, hockey and more.

There is so much more to come once we move into October. There is me hopefully going back to work, Halloween, a fair, apple picking, Charlie’s birthday and Thanksgiving.

The weekends are jammed already. Before we know it Christmas will be here.

So, that’s how our first month went on the west side. We hope to find the time to see everyone we want to see, but don’t let that stop you from contacting us.