Book Of The Week – Sophie’s Terrible Twos


We hit the library today for a new batch of books. How does the library system know that three weeks is exactly how long it takes for me to get sick of reading certain books again and again?

Anyways, grabbed a new stack today and a few are already becoming popular.

This one in particular, I picked up simply for the fact that maybe it will shed some light on the terrible twos, which we are running into right now.

Maybe Sophie’s life will give us some tips on how to deal with Charlie and his ever-changing mood. I mean she looks happy. Not so sure why a toddler has a cake with lit candles on it. Maybe that is one of the issues?


After reading this one a few times, Charlie really enjoyed it, but sadly, it did not help me at all.

This Sophie creature is nothing like Charlie and to be honest, is just a bunch of entertainment.

I guess the only comfort is, that if terrible twos did not exist, this book would never have been written. So there are many out there dealing with the same thing as us.

Next time, I will have to go to a different part of the library to get the real answers I need.

As for now, back to having fun and reading to my kids.

What book is on your child’s hot list right now? Would love a recommendation.

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