Tyrannical Twos


Tyrannical Twos?

A little over the top? Maybe. But our Charlie is working on something more than terrible. Our two-year old is currently locked into a “phase” of wanting everything exactly how he wants it. He wants to be the boss. Then when that does not happen (because we are the parents), he loses it. Go figure right?

For the most part his protests are non-violent, but sometimes things get a little rough. Food is thrown, chairs are pushed, brothers are shoved, mom’s seat is kicked and dad’s face is scratched.

We never experienced this phase with our first son. Sure, he had “phases” as well, but they were much less dramatic and much easier to handle.

It’s easy to chalk it up to Charlie being the second kid and wanting more attention, but he gets his fair share. This feels like him fully establishing his views and beliefs on everything from what meals are, what shows are on TV and when and where he will pee.

It’s hard to break him when he settles in on an issue. For the most part, we just let it go. But when there are deadlines, like getting to school, we have to step in and force the action. This results in a lot of yelling, screaming, crying and anger. It always ends of course, but for anyone we meet on our trip, they must think I am torturing the kid.

Charlie is a funny guy. He has a personality that we enjoy and love. But the last few weeks, I am not ashamed to say he has been a little jerk. His big brother puts up with a lot, and we actually get mad at him more than we should because it’s easier to do it to the one who talks. Harry, we are sorry for that. You have been a patient guy and one day, we will let nature decide who gets what.

From the feedback we get, his tyrannical twos profile has not rolled over to daycare. There he eats, sleeps, uses the potty and has a good old time. Is it because he is around kids his own age? Is it the wonderful attention he gets from the staff? I can’t really say. But the boy sure is two different shade of Charlie.

When you combine this with a tired family, I am sure we let him dictate more than we should. But sometimes apple sauce for dinner is easier than having a royal rumble with your kid an hour before bedtime.

He needs to learn that actions have results. You need to eat dinner for dessert. You need to do what we ask or miss out on opportunities. It will all happen. We somehow managed to turn out one boy who seems to get it so far.

I can’t seem to remember Harry having so many “phases” of tyranny when he was two. Maybe I have blocked it out? Who knows. I just know that I look forward to it ending. Soon. I look forward to everyone sitting at the dinner table and eating food.

Next week Charlie will hit the two and a half mark. The good news for this family is that becoming a three-year old is only half a year away.