See You In Hell Snow Pants


Yes that’s right, I am ready to banish snow pants to the back of the closet. Everyone is tired of them. Our oldest asks first thing if he even has to take them to school still. It is officially spring and since there is no snow left on the ground (sorry Halifax), I am a firm believer that it means it is time for just pants.

It’s good timing. Harry’s snow pants look like an extra from the Walking Dead. Dirty, ripped and smelly. They have seen some good times, but for now, to the back of the closet until next winter when we realize they were not worth keeping in the first place.

Charlie’s snow pants? Well they are in much better shape. He hates them as well. His face always says, get me out of these ridiculous pants.

It’s funny how snow pants are a symbol of what winter is to kids. When the snow starts to fall in November, it is an exciting time. They can’t wait to bundle up and play outdoors. But by March, like the snow, they never want to see their snow pants, mitts, hats, scarfs and giant coats ever again. Such is life in Canada I guess.

The bad news in all of this? It now switches to rain gear. Coats, boots, umbrellas and splash pants. Firing up the dryer each night to make sure the kids can wear it all again tomorrow.

When it all comes down to it, I do prefer snow to rain and mud. But rain and mud mean warmer and sunnier days ahead. I guess that makes it easy to put up with muddy footprints everywhere.

So, see you in hell snow pants. We will meet again soon I am sure.

Other stuff

  • Started watching Archer since my friend Kevin won’t stop going on about it. Pretty funny.
  • Discovered Harry likes meatballs, but only if they are small.
  • Charlie can now fully undress himself. It’s not fast, but he does it.
  • Charlie’s school is very impressed with his knowledge of colours at such a young age.
  • The Big Green Egg will meet up with a ham this weekend.
  • Not truly into this season of Survivor yet.
  • Everyone sat and had dinner together last night. It was nice. Maybe pancakes forever?
  • The sun will come out tomorrow?
  • Thinking of making a list, ranking my favourite TV shows of all time. Sounds like a project.
  • The Toronto Raptors have moved back to frustrating the hell out of me.