November is Moving Along One Step At A Time


Wow, it is almost half way through November or Movember as you hairy beasts are calling it.

Where has the time gone? I know where – life.

The days since returning to work have been hectic. As I wrote before, we are working on finding a normal routine and that has been a challenge.

The kids are growing up so fast and in particular, Charlie. He is 13 months old now and just ready to explode in so many ways.

We took him for his first ever haircut on Friday. He looks so grown up now.

He is crawling like a flash and his legs are finding the strength for extended standing.

You know what that leads too, right? Yep, walking.

The walking part of Charlie’s growth is so close. He is now walking all over the house while holding onto walls, chairs and people. He has also been seen taking two or three steps. Then he has this look of “wow” and just crumbles.

Yesterday we all happened to see him do a few steps and Harry let out a big scream of excitement.

Won’t be long now before he is all over the place, chasing us all.

He may very well take that first big walk at daycare but they won’t say. They don’t want to break parent’s hearts with that news.

Harrison has also found a groove at school as well. He took a month to get used it and I think now he loves it. He is eating food and making new friends. He can list off every kid in his class. It is pretty funny.

As for me, after a bumpy start, my Movember campaign is going well. A mo is coming in nicely and people have been kind enough to donate to me.

For those still interested, here is my Mo Space.

Other than that, November has been a lot of indoor days and getting used to these dark evenings. Yes, I like having light on the way to work, but coming home in the dark always makes me moody.

How is your November going?