Well Those Pants Will Need Washing

Today started out like any other morning. I got up at 6:30 am and fed the pets. Then I moved on to the boys, one by one.

First I wake up Harrison because he moves like a teenager and needs a good 10 minutes to get out of bed.

Then I move on to Charlie. I get him dressed, hair brushed and ready for the day.

Back to Harrison and getting him dressed while Charlie plays and tries to get to toys he really should not be touching.

Harrison is dressed and we are on our way down stairs. It takes 10-15 minutes and just like today, it went smooth.

We did not even wake up Katie (I don’t think).

I then did the one thing a parent should never do.

I thought to myself “well this is going rather easy”, as I went to get breakfast.

Bad move. As all parents know, that is pretty much the same as having a curse put on you. I did not even say it out loud. It was still enough to jinx it and turn the morning the other way.

Harrison was having his first bowl of cereal while I gave Charlie his bottle.

All good.

I should let you know Charlie has had a bad cough for what seems like 10 years. The hacking one that makes you cringe every time he does it.

So after the bottle was over, I gave him a few pats on the back for any burps and then ย he had a coughing fit. It must have triggered his gag reflex because before I knew it, I was covered in formula.

Awesome. Hope you enjoyed that for the two minutes it was in your belly.

My pants, the couch, Charlie’s clothes and the floor were covered.

I cleaned that up best I could and kept going.

Charlie was now in his chair and eating a cookie.

I poured Harrison a second bowl of cereal that he asked for.

It was too much. He did not want that much. It was probably over by four cheerios.

I poured the milk on and said eat what you want.

Well that was not good enough and the protest began.

He then got mad and in the process knocked his juice over and guess where it went?

Yep, on my pants.

So now I have formula and apple juice on my pants. Good thing I did not plan on wearing them to work.

The protest finally ended, Harrison ate his cereal and Charlie kept some yogurt and cookies down.

It was turning back around.

By the time Katie got up, the kids were happy again and getting ready to go. Coats, boots, mitts, hats etc.

You are probably waiting for something else to happen. Well it didn’t.

I took the boys to school in the soaked pants and wore them like a badge of being a parent.

At this point it is only 7:45 am.

So how is your day going?

Needless to say, those pants will need washing.