You Know Who Understands Kids – #JackAstors

2014-07-26 11.43.00

Do you like to eat out? Do you have kids? Do you still like to eat out?

Taking kids no matter the age can be a real challenge when it comes to eating food outside of the house.

We have always taken our kids to restaurants and for the most part, it goes well. There has been the occasional meltdown but for the most part, our boys can handle the situation.

The frustrating part for parents (including us), is the things that send the kids to crazy town are usually the fault of the establishment.

Long waits, food that does not cool off fast enough, loud music, uncomfortable seats and finally, food that is not kid friendly.

I am taking fine dining places off the list because, well, you should not take your kids there. That is where you take your spouse or significant other when you finally get a free night.

I am more talking about the places that say they are family restaurants.

You know them. They look the same no matter where you go. The chains. As parents, we all see to migrate to these chain restaurants. You know what you are going to get and at the same time, every one else knows that kids will be present.

Recently we went to very popular chain restaurant, that really impressed me. You could tell that they had parents and kids in mind.

You know who understands kids?

Jack Astor’s.

I apologize if you have had a bad experience there, but for us, it was perfect.

They of course always have crayons and paper, they have a pretty decent kid menu and the joint always has screens around to watch.

But what I was really impressed with was our server seemed to really cater to the boys. Their food came first. Kids get pretty bored waiting. The food was hot but it cooled off pretty fast.

A lot of times, food comes out at the same time and that can take forever if mom or dad have ordered something crazy.

But no, the boys food was out fast and ready to go.

There was a constant delivery of drinks. Another key for kids. Ours don’t understand the whole save some for dinner thing (neither do I really).

Finally, the food was really good. Harrison had chicken strips and fries and there was more chicken than fries which was nice.

Charlie had breaded fish on a stick. He loved it. All food should be on a stick. There was even fresh fruit to go with it.

Anyways, I am not trying to make it sound like we had the best lunch ever at a Jack Astor’s.

All I am saying is that I really noticed the staff doing a job to cater to the kids. This of course makes it much easier for the parents and drives up the odds of us going back.

This was the Jack Astor’s on Front Street near the St. Lawrence Market for those keeping score at home.

So do tell, have you noticed restaurants doing anything to help out mom and dad when it came to eating with the kids?

Share your stories, I know you have one.

I did not receive anything for this post. I wanted to make that clear. Although, if we get some kind of deal in the future, I won’t complain.