Outdoor Games for Kids’ Parties

This is a guest post by David Reeves.

Are you planning a party? Party games are essential to keep young guests entertained, but they can become quite messy. If you are looking to have fun and maybe sneak in a little learning, but want to keep the mess outside, consider these great party games.

1. Water Gun Games

Have each of the kids bring a water gun (and have a few on standby for those who don’t have one) and hang two empty plastic garden watering cans from ropes at about head level. Divide the kids into two teams, and have them use their guns to squirt the watering cans from one end of the rope to the next. The first team to get their can to the end of the rope is the winner.

If the kids are older, add water balloon defense to the game. While they play, kids will be learning how to use waterpower to make something move, and they will get the chance to improve their aim and coordination.

2. Creative Relay Races

Relay races are a great way to let kids burn off energy while having fun as well. Here are a few interesting ideas:

Shaving Cream Beard Relay – Assign one adult or older child to each team. Then have the kids run to the adult to have their faces decorated with a shaving cream beard, then back to their team. First team to have an entirely bearded group is the winner.

Popcorn Drop – Make popcorn cups out of small plastic cups by poking holes in them then pushing a large rubber band through and securing it using a paperclip. Attach this to the first player on each team’s shoes. Give each team a bag of cheap popped popcorn. Instruct them to fill the runner’s shoe cups with popcorn, then have the runner hobble to a team box to dump the corn inside. The team with the most popcorn in their box wins.

Drop the Penny – Put pennies, enough for each player on the team, into a bowl. Each player runs to the bowl to retrieve a penny, then runs back to the team’s line to drop it, while standing up, into an egg carton cup on the ground. You can use any small penny-sized item that matches your party theme for this game.

3. Photo Scavenger Hunt

For a party for older kids, instruct each guest to bring a smartphone or camera. Then, give them a list of hard-to-find items on your property or in your neighborhood to photograph. You can be specific or generic; you can ask them to photograph something soft, something white or something shaped like the letter C, for example. Compare the resulting photographs to determine the winner.

4. Clothespin Tag

Turn a craft into a game with this activity. Give each child a clothespin to decorate as they wish with markers, stickers, googly eyes and other craft items. Then, clip each child’s clothespin to the back of their shirt and turn them loose. The goal of this game is to collect clothespins while protecting your own. Play for a set period of time, and then see who has the most clothespins.

Parties should be fun, but that doesn’t mean they need to destroy your house. With these ideas, you can have a fun party without the indoor mess.

About the author:

David Reeves is the Marketing Director of Superior Recreational Products (SRP) in Carrollton, GA. Grounds For Play, a division of SRP, is focused on designing play environments that provide challenging mental and physical exercises for specific age groups. GFP play environments are used in several industries, including schools and apartment complexes. Connect with GFP on Facebook.

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  1. kids are always energetic especially . After reading this post i remember my childhood days where i used to play with my friends at every party we meet.Those were the good old days that will never come back.

    Thank you for sharing.

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