Iron Man 3 Toys Bring All The Kids To Yard


Well this has been a post in the making for three weeks. Why? Well we can thank FedEx but let’s not focus on the negative.

The fine folks at Hasbro let the Like A Dad family choose three cool new toys to try out based on the latest release of the Iron Man movie chain.

Now, I saw the movie last week, so it is almost ideal that the toys came after the fact.

I also wish there was a way to put into words how over the moon our 3-year old son is with the toys. He loves, loves, loves them.

As for what our 7-month old thinks? Well the flashing lights were interesting for a minute but as soon as he figured out the toys were not edible, he did not care.

So what did Hasbro send up our way?

The three toys that Harrison picked out were:

1. Marvel Iron Man 3 Avengers Initiative Assemblers Battle Vehicle

Our Thoughts

This one is for ages 4 and up. No batteries required. The set includes a flip-up car (think funny car with a spring-loaded Iron Man launcher), 1 Iron Man figure, 3 weapon-arm accessories (interchangeable arms for the figure which double as guns for the vehicle), and a figure-launch accessory (Iron Man skates) and instructions. When the “assemblers” size action figure is loaded on his “skates” and into the spring-loaded cockpit, he can be ejected/launched forward by pressing down on the rear spoiler of the vehicle. If you are on a smooth surface and have the figures arms up, but not quite straight up, he can and occasionally does land on his feet and continue to skate across the surface for a foot or two. More often, if you don’t have the arms in the correct position or are not on a perfectly smooth surface he falls on his face, not that this bothered Harrison at all.

From Hasbro 


(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2013)
When IRON MAN needs to get blasted into battle, he rolls out in his repulsor-charged race car. This armored, amped-up for battle, and super-fast BATTLE VEHICLE is ready to convert into power-enhanced exo-armor at a moment’s notice! Launch the included IRON MAN figure into action with the figure-launching feature! Continue the ASSEMBLER play by connecting IRON MAN’s weapon arms to the vehicle. Includes vehicle, IRON MAN figure, 3 weapon-arm accessories, and figure-launch accessory.

2. Marvel Iron Man 3 ARC FX Mission Mask


Our Thoughts

Ages 5 and up. Luckily this one came with 3 “AAA” batteries already installed. The mask has buttons on either side of the head for launching the missiles and activating the lights, blast sounds and battle phrases. When you hit the fire button the eyes light up blue giving a nice effect to the wearer and anyone on the receiving end of a missile attack, there is also a red light on top that lights up. This is probably my favorite toy of the collection but then again, they are not targeted at me. We have been fighting over who gets to wear the helmet a lot. I have also heard from several parents that this mask is the one toy all their kids want when they go to the toy store. This is easily the best piece of the whole collection and I am glad we chose to try it out.

From Hasbro


(Approximate Retail Price: $24.99; Ages 5 & up; Available: Spring 2013)
Kids can wear the IRON MAN 3 ARC FX MISSION MASK to hide their identity from their adversaries, like the iconic MARVEL Super Hero. The most high-tech IRON MAN mask yet, features dual missile launchers and ARC FX glowing visor lights and targeting beam light effect that lets kids have a remarkable, authentic IRON MAN experience! The mask also features sound effects and heroic movie phrases from the IRON MAN 3 feature film. Three demo AAA batteries included.

3. Marvel Iron Man 3 ARC Strike Iron Man Figure


Our Thoughts

The final toy of the three was  the Arc Strike Iron Man Figure. This in the end will probably end up being Harrison’s favorite. It is the most easy to play with and really, you don’t have to assemble anything. Harrison has been flying him around the living room and house ever since he came out of the package. This toy is actually really cool. His head is weighted so it changes directions depending on whether he is flying or standing. When he lands he makes a metal clanking sound. It is a little delayed, but kids don’t seem to notice really. He also talks thanks to a button on his hip. He rattles of endless lines from the movie that certainly gets Harrison fired up to fight bad guys. The one where he says something like engage for flight, Harrison lifts him in the air with both hands pointing him up like they are both going to blast off. This toy rocks. Oh, it also lights up and cooks your dinner.

From Hasbro


(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2013)
Pretend to power up and take off with this feature-packed electronic figure with ARC STRIKE technology! The 10-inch large-scale figure features IRON MAN in his latest state-of-the-art armor from 2013’s eagerly anticipated blockbuster, IRON MAN 3. Packed with pulsing lights, combat sounds and heroic phrases from the movie, the ARC STRIKE IRON MAN figure features a flight-simulating automatic head-tilt feature, and has two motion-activated modes of play—“Ground Attack Mode” and “Air Attack Mode”. Three AAA demo batteries included.

Final Thoughts

These toys were perfect for our 3-year old even though they are aged a little older. My only complaint is from the parent’s perspective. They were very hard to get out of the packages and when you have a hyper kid waiting to play, that can be a pain.

Overall, they Iron Man 3 toys are worth the price and they certainly help bring the movie to life for kids and adults.

Hasbro provided these toys to Like A Dad for review, the opinions expressed are solely those of Like A Dad and have not been influenced in any way. Tony Stark would not have it any other way.