Harry-isms #1: Different Ways He Likes His Cheese

For about as long as Harrison has been roaming the earth, he keeps saying funny words or phrases that my wife and I find hilarious. Now, I get that we are his parents and we have a definite bias, but some of this material is too good to pass on. So, finally, I have decided to start sharing his words with the world. Like most kids who are under 5-years old, they have their own language. Their own way of describing things and referring to things. I think it is pretty amazing stuff.

So without further rambling, here is the first installment of Harry-isms #harryisms.


Harrison has always loved cheese. I think if he could, he would live on cheese and become a mouse. He has also always loved sharing Dad’s bagel and cheese, which is now called a “bagacheese”. Anytime there is cheese out to go with a meal, you can also bet, Harry will ask for a “bigacheese”. which is simply a big slab of cheese that he can eat.

These two forms of cheese are easily his most favourite ways to have cheese.

Nothing makes Harry more excited than cheese, well except for a lot of cheese.

Does your kid say funny things you want to share? Leave it in the comments for all to enjoy.