HRM Parent – A Dad’s Life: Christmas Lights

My latest post for HRM Parent was all about how this year my Christmas decorating duties are pretty much all outside. Katie is taking on the indoor decorating and I felt like I needed to give myself some therapy by writing about it.

I wanted to add that since the post was written, the inside of the house has been getting more Christmas like by the day and the outside of the house now has lights.


So please go and read this month’s installment of A Dad’s Life.

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas everyone.

Another year of decorating is upon us and for 2013, there has been a change in our household. Ever since my wife and I have been together, I have been the one making the house (inside and out) into a festive place.

Hanging lights, putting up the tree, fastening stockings and sprinkling all kinds of cheesy Christmas ornaments all over the house.

This year, my wife decided she wanted to take on the responsibility of bringing Christmas to our house.

New decorations, a new style and a whole new plan for what happens. I was fine with it and to be honest, I was looking forward to it (kind of).

Then I asked her if her new regime included getting the tree and the outdoor lights?

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Have you decorated your house on the inside or outside yet? Who generally does the lighting outside? I am curious to find out.