If Only You Could Open The Whole Advent Calendar At Once

Says our son Harrison.

Opening only one at a time? That is just crazy.


Yes, as of yesterday, we started up the annual tradition that is so popular among households with kids. The calendar with pieces of chocolate each day.

This year, my wife really went all out as the chocolate in Lindt. Maybe she was hoping Harrison would not like the creamy, rich chocolate and she could have it for herself? No chance, he loved his first taste.

Our tradition has formed into opening each day after dinner. We kind of use it as a bribe to eat dinner. Hey, whatever works right.

Harrison loves looking for each number and planning out what day is next. I am sure right now at school, he thinks about it every now and then.

Do you have an Advent calendar in your house? Is it one with chocolate or something more traditional? Do you try to explain to your kids why we have an Advent calendar?

My memory as a kid was opening each door in the morning before school. My sister and I each had one so there would be no fighting. The biggest door was always saved for the 24th. Sometimes it was a double door with an extra big chocolate.

I will say, we never had Lindt chocolate in ours. More like the cheapest form of chocolate there was.

The countdown to Christmas is on, one day at a time.