Halloween 2014 Wrap

It was a dark and stormy night…….well, it was dark, cold and rainy. The kids were all about the candy until their wet feet, coats and kitty ears were soaked enough that they called it a night.

I took the boys out and we were able to do our whole street before they wanted to retire.

The fun part was we met up with some of Harry’s friends and did a tour with them. Another bonus was one of the houses on the street was giving out warm cider with a shot of booze. That warmed you up.

We were being told for weeks at how crazy Halloween would be in our area. I am pretty sure the weather killed it because compared to Halifax, it was pretty boring. I would guess we gave out 100 of 600 pieces of candy. At least it will keep for next year.

Harry was a black cat and Charlie was a kid who did not want to wear a costume other than a baseball hate and a smidge of makeup under his eye.

The candy won’t last for weeks like in previous years and that is not a bad thing.

Time to throw out the pumpkins. Until next year.