Look Out Walls, Charlie Has Crayons


Oh how your mind can block things out. I had totally forgotten the age where kids love to draw on everything and anything. Harry had a phase of drawing on the wall and we survived. Now that Charlie is two, and has simple access to crayons, he has started his own form of tagging.

If you want to know where Charlie has been in our place, just follow the “art” on the walls, fridge, couch and even the floor.

Who can blame him. Markers, crayons and other art supplies are great when your mind is exploding with ideas.

Want to colour and the paper is not around? Just take a red crayon to the fridge. No worries. Dad will clean it up.

So look out walls, Charlie has crayons.

The cool part of this is it is great to see his interest in drawing showing up. Harry is now into doing colouring within the lines and doing actual drawings, so it is only natural that little brother wants to do the same.

Thanks to the handy Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, we can let our budding artist go crazy. Also, as the unit is a rental, we are not that concerned about markings here and there.

There is a giant white wall in the back of our place that I am going to prepare for this exact thing. Whether it be washable markers or paper on the wall, I want the space to be theirs to go crazy with colour.

Harry does a lot of cool art at school and I have started hanging it on the wall around my desk at home. I like to look at it and he gets a kick out of it being featured.

Do you like to draw with your kids?

Do you have a little “tagger” in the house?

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