BGE Friday – Big Green Egg Frozen Shut?


Every Friday, we are going to focus on the Big Green Egg. It could be recipes, tips, or love stories about our favourite meat cooking machine. Let’s get ready for the weekend.

This week I am going to focus on getting back to business. I know many of you Eggheads out there have been using your Egg all winter. Snow, ice or other, you are out there tweaking temps and piling on the wood chips. I salute you.

I have not used my Big Green Egg since New Year’s Day when I cooked this lovely ham.


Since February was down right nasty cold, the Big Green Egg is currently frozen shut, sitting in the back yard. So what does a guy do who needs to pop that egg open? Well there are many ways, some better than others.

Big Green Egg Frozen Shut?

In the past I have taken the long approach of simply pouring boiling water on the dome. It eventually works, but it means a lot of trips back and forth into the house. Tracking snow inside is not cool. Besides, if it is too cold, more water is really not helping the process.

I have also just stuck a bunch of paper inside the top and tossed in a match. Again, I am not a fan of burning paper in there, but desperate times call for it. Once the fire has been going long enough, the dome will open. But the downside, lots of stinky newspaper flying all over the place.

Recently I read this tip on the Big Green Egg Facebook page and it totally makes sense.

Assuming you still have some charcoal inside, open up the bottom of the Egg and stuff a bunch of paper in there. Light it and let it burn. This will heat up the charcoal quicker from underneath and in about 20 minutes, your dome should be ready to open. I like this way as the ash stays where it is supposed to and you can just go inside and let the charcoal do the work. The tricky part for this way is remembering if you have any charcoal still inside.

I have also read that you can put charcoal right in the bottom and build a fire with paper or wood or any other fire starting supplies you have.

Check out this guy for all the proper tips. As he said, you don’t want to wreck your gasket.

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Now that you have your Big Green Egg open, what are you going to cook?

In the next month or so I am planning a pulled pork and a ham. Can’t wait.