What A Dad Needs Most From His Family: 25 Things

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Yesterday I saw a post floating around a lot of the parenting blog Facebook pages that actually caught my attention. It was a simple list of 25 things a mom needed from her family. I read it as did many others and thought it was well done. The needs were basic, but essential for any parent really.

So of course I decided to do my own list but for dad. I hope the GromMom doesn’t mind.

No printable version or doctored up for Pinterest, just a list.

What a dad needs most from his family: 25 things

  1. Support. Whether it is good news, bad news, burnt dinner or if the Raptors lost. Unconditional support is the best.
  2. Order. Or at least the illusion of order. I am a planner, so let’s keep the chaos to a minimum.
  3. Tea. Don’t worry, you don’t need to make it. I got it.
  4. Sleep. This is more about everyone else sleeping than me.
  5. Quiet Sunday morning. While I don’t actually sleep in, just having time to myself is pretty therapeutic.
  6. Keeping ears turned on. Not having to repeat myself is a great feeling.
  7. Faith. Gotta have faith right? If you asked me to do something, I am getting to it.
  8. Grown up talk. It’s hard to carve out the time, but it’s worth it. Politics, local news, how everyone is doing.
  9. TV time. I love my shows. Give me 44 minutes and I am recharged for the next thing.
  10. Chips. I keep them on the top shelf for a reason.
  11. Laughs. Our family runs on laughs. We entertain each other. I hope it never stops.
  12. Sports. In particular the Raptors and March Madness. Watching alone is preferable.
  13. Time to explore. Toronto is great for just walking. It helps my mind work.
  14. BBQ food. Takeout or cooked on the Big Green Egg.
  15. Dada. Love hearing that every day when I see Charlie.
  16. Smiles. The payoff for doing something nice or pulling off a big surprise.
  17. Freedom. Not playing the game 20 questions about everything.
  18. Acceptance. That I snore, that I fidget, that I tend to bite my nails.
  19. A closed bathroom door. I mean really, who wants to be in there with me?
  20. My own juice. Whatever the flavour, it is nice to know it is there when needed.
  21. Treat lunches. Ideally some kind of burger.
  22. My back. Sticking up for dad when he needs it, or doesn’t.
  23. Tidying. I am looking at you kids. Lego is a serious health hazard to my feet.
  24. Music. Yes music makes the people come together. At least the people in our house.
  25. Imagination. I love to use it. I love when my family uses it. Dream big I say.

I also recently did a post of the most essential things for me to have a good day. Pretty similar right?

Again thanks to GromMom for the inspiration for this list.