Touch ’em all Joe!

Last week I watched Edwin Encarnación destroy Rogers Centre on loop for a good five minutes. But that isn’t even the greatest walk off in Jays history. You know where I am going with this.

Joe Carter.

While you can’t get any better than winning the World Series with one swing, the fog horn would have been a nice add back in 93.

Where was I? I was at a family wedding and had just walked away from the bar where the game was on the smallest of TVs. I quickly snapped back as people lost their minds screaming.

As the 2022 version of the Blue Jays set to navigate the high seas searching for gold and other bounties, I can only imagine how fans would react to another dramatic walk off like Joe or Edwin. I am ready for it.

Random things heading in the Wild Card

  • Finally we can move away from that 5th starter hell.
  • Danny Jansen and Whit Merrifield are my two X-Factors.
  • I don’t know much about the Seattle Mariners other than that’s where Robbie Ray is.
  • People are unhappy about 4:07pm starts. Not me. Working from home for the win.
  • Praying we don’t have to see Aaron Paul throughout the playoffs.
  • While I’m happy Sportsnet has it’s own broadcast, I hope to watch the USA feed.
  • BUT if I do end up watching Sportsnet, I hope Aaron Paul is replaced with more footage of George and Vlade being silly.
  • Does anyone else think Tampa kind of took the pedal off to avoid the Jays? I do.
  • Thanks to home field in Wild Card and being in Houston’s bracket, the Jays don’t have to play outside for awhile. I think this is a huge advantage considering it’s getting October chilly.
  • I can’t stand Houston. I can’t believe Springer used to be on that team.
  • Cleveland will beat Tampa.