Toronto has large squirrels

Where I sit each day at my computer, overlooks our backyard. I can see trains, the newly built condo behind us, a lot of trees and finally – squirrels. So many squirrels. Our backyard is like the Dundas Square (soon to be renamed) of squirrels.

But what I find myself noticing more and more, is not the amount of squirrels, but the size of these damn beasts.

They are huge. They are like mini racoons. Are they bigger because they live in Toronto with access to more resources and most likely, fatty foods? These squirrels are not going hungry. They are not worried about squirrling away food for later. They could all in fact, maybe lose a few pounds and share the wealth with everyone else. Wait, now that I think of it, the racoons ain’t looking so bad either. Everyone is eating well.

The squirrels in our backyard are not the most active either. I have seen many just laying around, enjoying some sun and looking like they are on the rooftop patio. Sure the kid squirrels are still running around at warp speed doing crazy stunts in the trees, but more often than not I just see squirrels sitting around.

So are you now wondering to yourself – what is the largest squirrel on the planet? I know you are.

After a quick Google search, it seems the largest squirrel on planet earth is the Red and White Flying Squirrel weighing in at almost 10 pounds. Now that is a big squirrel. They live in China, so there is little chance I am going to see one whoosh past my window.

I wonder how much these fat bastards weigh that use our backyard as a living room? I bet they are a few pounds easy. They are very much like a small cat now.

Could be because they eat a lot of food that isn’t part of their natural diet. Like this article points out, squirrels are not really meant to eat chicken wings.

Thankfully these large squirrels have not caused too many problems house wise. I know a lot of stories of squirrels getting inside the roofing which would be terrifying. Hearing creatures run around above you. No thanks.

Why I dislike squirrels is because of gardening. They ruin everything. The few times I have tried to have a backyard garden with a mix of plants and growing veg, squirrels just destroy it.

I’ve tried the chili powder trick and other non harmful tips. But these fat squirrels are immune. I mean, if they eat chicken wings, isn’t a spice just giving them more variety?

I daydream of getting a pellet gun and just taking them out one at a time, but that is cruel. Even for these fancy rats. Then I would have to dispose of them and that doesn’t seem fun.

So I will go back to watching them from the window and continue to wonder, just how big they will get over the next few years.

Do you like squirrels? What’s your squirrel story?