Time To Do Your Homework

Who remembers liking homework? Just the thought of it gives me the shakes. I remember the day when I finished school. Of all the things it meant in my life, the biggest was no more homework. I was never great at homework either. Spoiler alert, I did not do much and always scrambled at the last-minute to make it look like I did something. I never enjoyed studying or doing assignments at home. I was much more into sports and doing my own thing. I think I also watched a lot of TV. Anyways, homework has reentered my life.

harry doing homework

Our oldest son now has homework. He is in Grade One. It started off slowly with the occasional task that needed catching up on. But now, we have full monthly homework packages to be worked on 100% at home. It’s all detailed and spelled out on a calendar and there is the freedom to do it when you want. But it has to get done for Harry to keep up.

One of my biggest fears as a parent is the day I am not smart enough to help with homework. Good news, I looked over the 31 tasks for December and I feel confident I can still be relevant.

Harry loves homework. Maybe it’s because he has no idea what it will be like in 10 years. Maybe he will love it forever and be an academic wonder? Who knows. But at this point, it’s great to see his excitement. It makes it so much easier to do with him when we have the time.

The reading, math and other problems to solve are going very well. His addiction to school work is quiet impressive for a young kid. It’s like throwing gas on an already burning fire. His brain is popping and we get to sit back and watch.

I of course had to learn how to do homework as a parent. Your first thought is it just help to the point of doing it to get it done faster. That’s not the way to do it. Now I know I am really just there for support and questions. Even when painful to watch, I let Harry really think and get the smoke coming out of his ears. It’s for his own good right?

That process has worked. He no longer just looks to be for help. He no longer answers with uncertainty. Now he just blurts out the answer like it was insulting to even ask him the question.

When To Do Homework?

The other trouble with homework is finding the time to do it. Week nights are a bitch. By the time you do pick up, dinner and relax, it’s bedtime. Plus Harry already has his Kumon booklets to do each night.

That is why I like the homework packages and the flexibility. This past Sunday I sat with Harry for over an hour and did several of his tasks for the month. Weekends are the best to catch up and do work in a much more relaxed state.

This will change. Homework is going to push bedtime. Homework is going to change dinner time. One day homework is going to influence other things like getting to go somewhere or play sports.

It’s all about getting your homework done right?

So far, so good.