Boobies, Night Poopies and The Beginning of Advent

During the course of a week, so many things happen that I want to share. I really should write them down. Anyways, here are some of the highlights happening in our house these days.

The Discovery of Boobies

No, not the actual boobies. But the word. Harry learned the word from, get this, an older girl at school. He can’t say it without giggling. It’s really hard as a parent not to laugh as well. It’s part of childhood. Learning those funny words that make grown ups cringe. The really funny thing is, even when he is 16, he will still be saying it and giggling just the same.

Poops After Dark

Charlie has been pretty much toilet trained for months now. Except for one thing. He does not like to poop in the toilet. He does not go at school. He does not go during the day. He saves it for when he has a pullup on after going to bed. It’s pretty gross. We go in to put Harry to bed and a stench of poo slaps you across the face. We have tried many bribes. Nothing works. Now, he will do the occasional poop in the toilet after dinner, but it’s just a trick. There is still more once he goes to bed. We can’t wait to stop buying pullups. Come on Charlie!

Advent Confusion

Advent calendars are supposed to help teach kids about the religious side of Christmas. But who are we kidding, it’s all about getting a little chocolate each day. To avoid fights, I got the boys their own. The exact same one. I was trying to avoid any fights. But no, they still argue over who’s calendar is who’s. I think they do this just to give me more grey hair.

Quiet Down Below

The loud dudes who have lived below us for over a year, vanished in the night. We went to Sarnia for the weekend and when we came back, there were new people moving in. They left all their furniture in the front yard and their bikes are still chained to the house. Were they abducted? Where did they go? I will miss their overuse of garlic and their love of shitty techno music. Okay, I won’t miss either of those things, but I am very curious where they went.

Reco of the Week

Master of None on Netflix

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Stay tuned for more next week.