The Weekend – Earned It

No, not The Weeknd. I am talking about the previous two days known as Saturday and Sunday. But, I certainly did earn it (it being success). With just a small taste of spring in the air, it felt like the days exploded with activity, fun and being tired.

With Katie heading out of town early Sunday for  a work conference, it left me with the TCB title and every now and then I think it’s fun to have it all on your shoulders. You quickly appreciate having a partner to trade off with, figure things out with and simply remain sane with. Young kids naturally seem to work together to try to overthrow the kingdom. Many times they come close to knocking down the gate and storming in, but when you have backup, you can stop them at the last moment.

Being by myself, I worry they will finally break through mostly because I just don’t care anymore. Sure, you can eat spaghetti on the couch out of a cup. That makes perfect sense.

Well this past weekend, the castle is in a good state. The reason. Endless activities and at other people’s houses. It’s really the best way to survive a weekend.

Saturday I finalized the boys summer sports by getting Charlie registered for soccer. We got there just as a line formed of stressed out parents who were worried their kids would miss out. You put too many stressed out parents in one space and it can get messy. Glad we avoided it.

The day kept moving with cleaning up a lot of cardboard that built up outside after our move. It was great to see the potential of our new backyard when the afternoon sun hits it.

The evening, we hit the neighbourhood for dinner. Took the kids to the Cadillac Lounge. The website said there was a kid menu, so why not.

Boys first trip to Cadillac Lounge. #toronto #parkdale #circleoflife

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Other than Charlie spilling his pop directly on Harry, it seemed like a success. Those crazy guys even spent some time making their own dance floor and entertaining the patrons.

Sunday, started very early for what is normally my sleep in day. Katie was off to the airport. In fact she was out the door before the boys were even up.

A side note about this. It is always great to see how the boys are totally fine with either one of us going away for a few days. There is no worry, tears or problems. Harry only wondered when the plane would take off and Charlie never really asked where mom was until bedtime.

For me the Sunday slate was full of car trips. Two birthday parties and grocery shopping.

The morning, both boys went to the same birthday party, so that was a bonus. That allowed me to knock the grocery shopping off the list. After I picked them up, brought them home and let them go crazy with their loot bags, I somehow managed to get them to nap. I was surprised.

I even got a quick doze in before getting them ready to head out again. This time the party was just for Harry, so Charlie and I were going to do fun things while waiting.

We went to Sorauren Park and walked around Parkdale with hot chocolate. It tired him out. That was the plan.

After picking Harry up, we went home to finally relax. I put the Raptors game on, put a bowl of veggies down and we just sat on the couch content and happy.

Bedtime came, the boys had their showers and were in bed asleep by around 9pm.

Just in time to watch The Walking Dead for me. That was a good weekend. I even went to bed early knowing Monday morning was all on me.

24 hours on my own with the kids. Two more days. I got this.