The Anatomy Of A Netflix Night In

netflix night in

How many times a day to you daydream of being home on the couch with your favourite snack and TV show? Or maybe you have plans to go out, but deep down, you really just want to make it a Netflix night in. I don’t know about you, but it’s a pretty common feeling for me. TV has always been a vital cog in staying sane as a parent to young boys. I look forward to both, watching shows with them, but also watching shows I want to watch after they go to bed.

In the old days, you had to plan your nights according to when and what shows were on. Thursdays used to be big. Must See TV and all that jazz. It was a night you would choose to stay home and make it a fun event.

Now with the likes of Netflix, any night can be whatever you want it to be. No more waiting. If the kids wake up for whatever reason, you put down the popcorn, pause the show and deal. Then pick up where you left off. Technology is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine a time when you just had to suck it up and miss part of what you were watching.

Our family has a few routines when it comes to a Netflix night in. It comes down to whether or not it is a weekday or weekend.

Weekdays tend to be more about watching shows before dinner with the kids and squeezing in a show before bed that the grown ups want to watch.

Weekends, they are a lot more relaxed. They generally are more about movies because of the extra time everyone has and the change to stay up a little later.

Snacks are key of course. For the kids, they prefer goldfish or a bar of some kind why they watch their cartoons. But when it’s a movie, popcorn is the only choice. Lots of butter and paper towel.

Now that both our boys are of the age where they have an opinion, we have fallen into the routine of taking turns on what show is watched. We alternate once each, then if they want a third show, they need to come to an agreement.

Three shows may sound like a lot, but when there are no commercials and each show is roughly 22 minutes long, it’s not that bad. This provides the time needed to make dinner, clean something or simply have a conversation without a child interrupting.

When the kids are in bed, I like the fact that you can fit a few shows in before you really start to get sleepy. We also are like old people and enjoy watching the 10pm National News, so Netflix is perfect for fitting into that script. A Netflix night in is something I have been a fan of long before there was streaming video. It was just called a TV or movie night in. Rent a few videos, pop some popcorn and relax. All Netflix does is makes it easier to pull off when you have a busy day beforehand. No need to run out to the video store.

Now I know some families like to do dinner while they enjoy some Netflix. We have not gone there. Sitting at the table without any technology and just talking is still a must in our house. Screen time will happen, but I am going to hold on to family table dinners for as long as I can. The boys have added a new wrinkle to a Netflix night in. Now that we have a basement, they have the option of getting in their PJs and sitting down on the couch with the iPad or a laptop and watch Netflix. I am always intrigued at how kids seem to prefer a smaller screen for their viewing. I would always choose 60 inches over six, but maybe it’s the personal touch of holding the screen in their hands.

Anyways, it makes it much easier when everyone wants to watch something different on Netflix at the same time. Again, how did parents ever get by? Oh I know, they just said go play.

Here is an anatomy of a Netflix night in

Charlie getting his #pawpatrol on. #lazysunday   A photo posted by Like A Dad (@likeadad) on

Seating: Big sectional for everyone to be comfortable.

Comfort: Blankets and pillows.

Snacks: Goldfish, bars, juice, popcorn.

How we watch: Via Apple TV on a 46 inch TV. iPad.

What we watch: Kids – Paw Patrol, Pokemon, Batman. Adults – Master of None, House of Cards, Suits.

When we watch: Weekdays 6-6:30pm, 7:30-8pm. 9pm-10pm.

Return of Full House

While the Netflix night in routine itself can often fall into place easily, finding something that everyone wants to watch can be tough. That’s why Netflix is psyched to see Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ back on the small screen starting on Feb. 26.  With the launch of Fuller House, there is now something that will appeal to all – your 14 year old, your 5 year old, AND you. Have mercy!

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