Tennis’s Top 5 Worst Dads

When I first clicked on the link from The Herald Sun, I was sure the dad of Venus and Serena Williams would be the worst. But I was so wrong. He is just a loud-mouthed jerk.

These five tennis dads are actually bad people who were involved in illegal actions and took advantage of their talented tennis kids.

No father of the year award here.


Milked his prodigy daughter Jennifer for every dollar he could during her controversial career.

Signed contracts worth millions while his daughter was a teenager, drawing accusations from the media that he was treating her as a meal ticket.

Jennifer quit tennis in 1993 and a year later was arrested for possessing marijuana.

When her former coach left the Capriati team, he vowed it would be the last time he worked with a female player and her family.

Want to see the four dads that were listed as worse?

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