Talking Chicken Myths and Other Crazy Food Lies


A few weeks ago I got the chance to go and see where the chicken comes from that we eat at home and at the local KFC. Yes, that’s right, the chicken KFC serves, is real, farm-raised chicken and it always has been.

The reason for their latest “C is For Chicken” campaign was to stomp the crazy myth that their chicken was not really. Just do a quick Google search for KFC or any other chicken for that matter and there are so many untrue stories out there.

  • Mutant chickens.
  • They stopped calling themselves Kentucky Fried Chicken because they were not using chicken.
  • The chickens used were unhealthy and did not even have beaks.
  • I won’t even go into the really crazy conspiracy myths out there.

Now I never believed any of those myths. My only thinking on KFC growing up was that it was not that healthy for you. That’s not KFC’s fault. That’s what fried chicken in. You don’t eat it every day.

But the actual chicken that KFC uses is highly scrutinized and highly fresh. They never freeze it and it comes directly from local Ontario farms.

I wanted to educate the boys about this truth and to further add to their love of chicken. Our boys have always enjoyed eating chicken, especially the Big Green Egg chicken that I cook.

Teaching kids about where the food comes from I think is a big deal. To them it’s important to separate the frozen chicken nuggets they love and the chicken we cook or you get when going to a restaurant. Oh and add KFC to that list of places that serve real chicken.

Recently, while enjoying a bucket of KFC’s finest, we talked about different myths and what kind of chicken the boys enjoy. Now remember they are 4 and 7, so their knowledge of chicken usually starts with nuggets or strips.

As we were enjoying the chicken, my wife even mentioned it tasted very fresh. Better than she remembered. We have not ordered a bucket of chicken from KFC in some time, so I think between my farm trip and educating ourselves about food, we were much more aware of the fresh factor.

As you know, sometimes other variables can influence the food you eat. How long the delivery guy takes, the status of the cooking oil and the mood you are in when eating. But the chicken, it always starts out fresh and never frozen. KFC makes sure of that.

For the record, popcorn chicken is the big winner in our house. Harry said he could eat millions of those tasty bites.

All the Myths about KFC

Want to hear all of the crazy myths about KFC? They are all listed here for your enjoyment.

To learn more about #KFCisforChicken, do read their stories, learn about the process and take a moment to check out the myths that a lot of people actually believe.

Even More Food Myths

How many of these do you believe?

1. Twinkies will last through the apocalypse.
2. When you crave a food, it means your body needs the nutrients in that food.
3. “Beer Before Liquor, Never Sicker”
4. Carrots improve your eyesight.
5. Drinking more water means more weight loss.
6. You’ve got five seconds after dropping food before germs get to it.
7. Eating after 9 p.m. will make you gain weight.


What other crazy food myths have you heard? Tell us in the comments below.

Just like the chicken, my opinions are also real. Yes I was compensated for my work with KFC, but my words are my words.

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