My Son Hates Long Sleeved Shirts


Yes, this is true, it seems as though our 4-year old son hates long-sleeved shirts, sweaters or anything else that is not a t-shirt.

Normally, this would not be a big deal. But we have bought him a lot of nice shirts and sweaters that happen to have sleeves and we also live in Canada, so it is cold in January.

The solution on most days is to wear a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over it. So basically he is already dressing like some high school kid.

I usually get Harrison ready for school and it is quite the struggle each day to get him to wear something warm.

And when we do, the deal is that he gets to take off the warmer shirt as soon as he gets to warm.

As you would guess, that means as soon as he gets wherever we are going.

School, birthday parties, shopping. Doesn’t matter. The deal was if he gets too hot, off it comes.

What makes matters a little worse is that most of his t-shirts are from summers past, meaning they don’t fit that well. It’s not like he is Shania Twain people. We don’t need to see that belly button.

I felt like I  has won the lottery on the weekend when I convinced him to wear a nice sweater to a friend’s birthday party. I said, well all the other kids will be wearing sleeves.

Of course we got there and it was a t-shirt party. I lost.

My wife and I are not really sure why he has this dislike of sleeves.

When asking him, he says that sleeves are for party shirts and he only wears party shirts to parties.


But even when we do in fact go to parties, he wants the t-shirt.

Harrison is a tall and skinny kid. He is a 4-year old the size of a 5-year old or more. But it’s not like he has these guns that are worth showing off. Is that not why guys stick to t-shirts?

Anyways, small problem to have right? In fact as of late, Harrison does not like even wearing a shirt at home.

This has also been passed down to Charlie, our 15-month old. There have been nights where they both have their shirts off and think it is hilarious. Not sure how they keep warm, but that is their problem.

It has gotten to the point where we have put a rule in that you must wear a shirt to the dinner table. Seems like a good thing to teach them at such a young age.

Only a few more months before long sleeves get buried in the drawer again. Too bad we are not likely to get a good wear out of most of the shirts and sweaters.

Oh well, maybe Charlie will wear them out one day.

Do your kids have any opinion on what they wear? I would love to hear that there are other kids out there who refuse to wear something.


    • It’s hard first thing in the morning to be picking fights over shirts.

  1. Fighting over shirts especially with kids can be a daunting experience to say the least.Good luck convincing him.

  2. Oh My goodness I have a boy that is just like this. No long sleeves! Family have now realized not to buy long sleeves for any gifts. So, I don’t bother and he is never cold! BTW, just found your blog tonight and I find myself reading page after page! I am really enjoying your Dad perspective! #melmar

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