Kid vs. Dinner – The Battle Of All Battles

Every parent has, or will go through what we dealt with tonight. A kid who did not want to eat their dinner, but wanted all the perks of eating dinner. You know, dessert, getting to watch a TV show etc.

But at our table you need to eat some of your dinner to even have the conversation about dessert.

Tonight’s dinner was homemade broccoli soup. Now you might think, broccoli? Of course the kid won’t eat it. But Harrison actually eats broccoli, so it being in soup was not really the issue.

It seemed more like a battle to prove who was in control.

The options were handed down. Eat two scoops and all would be good. Or, don’t eat any and forfeit dessert.

Well neither option worked for our son, so he just sat there with different levels of anger and sadness.

The rest of us were all done and dishes were cleaned up before he caved and gave up his shot at ice cream and watching Heartland.

Side note: Heartland is what we watch on Sunday night. It is a family show and is produced by Harrison’s Papa.

So back to dinner or not eating dinner would be more of what to call it.

I don’t think we have very tough rules. A few bites of dinner to get dessert and a TV show? That is pretty easy I think.

But we are certainly not caving beyond that.

Harry sure tired tonight but we did not budge. Hopefully next time he will remember that.

How about at your house? What are the dinner rules like there? Any long waiting at the table sessions?