The Boys Are Back In Daycare Town


Well it’s a new week and so far, so good. Yep, it’s not that old but already we are feeling good. Why?

Cause both kids went to school and both seem to be feeling much better than last week.

Charlie was home pretty much all week with a grab bag of stuff. Fever, cough, cold, etc. and Harrison was not feeling great either although he went to school each day.

It was a rough week on Katie especially because she was home with the sick boy and could not do what she normally does. All week, she kept wishing for a normal week soon.

Maybe it’s this week? We shall see.

The entire baby room that Charlie is in, is sick. When I took him this morning, I said he still has a bit of a cough and they said, that’s okay, so does most of the room.

Can you get sick again while you are still sick? Let’s hope not.

Anyways, both boys are back in daycare town, for at least today.

We are pretty hopeful that it will stay that way.

2014 so far has been far from routine for our house. There was pink eye, colds, fevers, snow day and an assortment of other things going on.

I for one, will be happy to see January go. Let’s bring on February. A month of health and normal.

At the time of starting this post, both boys were at school. At the time of closing this post, that has not changed.

In the words of Macklemore, MONEY.