When Your Son Decides To Cheer For The Wrong Team


This past weekend, I took Harrison to see another hockey game.

It was part of my Christmas presents. Two tickets to see the Halifax Mooseheads take on the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles.

Rivalry game!

This was also going to be the first time I took Harrison to a night game.

The problem was,  once we got to our seats and started watching, Harrison decided it was not the Mooseheads that he wanted to cheer for.

Yep,  my son decided to cheer for the wrong team.

10,000 die-hard fans in the home of Moose nation and I had the hater sitting next to me.

I think it was due to their cool black jerseys, but I was not 100% sure why Harry chose the Eagles. I know he is on a Darth Vader kick, but black jerseys making you cheer for the wrong team? That’s just odd.

The Eagles scored first and Harry let out a big scream. I got looks. He then said rather loudly, that his team scored.

This went on. His team stole the puck. His team was doing good.

Then it all changed with the sound of a loud horn.

The Moose scored.

Harrison was pretty upset. He even stopped eating his popcorn.

Of course the building was excited and the noise level never really went down again.

The game was close, tied at two for a good portion and this had Harry pleased. His team was doing good.

But then, finally the Moose took control and went on to win 4-2.

Harrison looked at me and asked why his team did not win? I really did not have an answer.

Anyways, the game was a good one and we had a great time which is the really story.

There was popcorn and pop and various people interacting with Harry in the stands.

He was bouncing to the music and by the third period, dancing in the aisle.

Harry even got to high-five the Mooseheads mascot. That was pretty thrilling.

So even though he was cheering for the wrong team, we had an excellent night at the arena.

Here are some photos.