Happy 16 Months To Charlie

Well look who is 16 months old today? Charle “Cheese” Cusden.

Hard to believe that another month has passed.

To update you on Charlie:

  • Pretty much wearing 2-year old clothing.
  • Hair is out of control.
  • Loves to smile and hug things.
  • Is a lover of food and variety.
  • Close to saying dog – right now it is da.
  • Walking is excellent. In fact he does run.
  • Furthest walk on his own was to our mail box.
  • Sleeps like a champ – 14-15 hours on the weekend.
  • Loves his school and friends.
  • Did I mention he smiles A LOT.
  • His favourite person is probably Harrison.
  • Has 1 particular Trucks book he loves.
  • Loves fruit especially oranges, bananas and grapes.
  • Likes to dance and play the keyboard.
  • Finally, fills everyone’s day with joy. What a special guy.

So I guess you are one of those toddlers now eh Charlie boy?