Recapping #nomomweek – We Survived


Well in a few hours it will be around the time that #nomomweek started in our house. Yep, on Saturday night, my wife returned home and it was greeted with great excitement by all the men at Like A Dad.

Looking back, it went by pretty quick, which is good, but it is only over the last few days that I am fully realizing just how tiring it was.

How do the single parents do it all the time?


Last Monday, we were leaving Manitoba after a family wedding and the plan was we would all fly from Winnipeg to Toronto. Then my wife would stay in Toronto for work, while the boys and I carried on to Halifax.

That meant, taking the two dudes on the plane by myself. I was not worried. But I was bracing for some tests of stress and patience.

Both boys were tired and our little baby had a bad cold. Traveling with sick kids in my opinion can go really good or bad. Luckily for me, a sick baby meant a  lot of sleep.

So here is a brief recap of how #nomomweek went from the time she left us at the airport, until she gave our boys a big hug on Sunday morning.

Photo album at the bottom.


  • I figured the best way to take on the two boys at the airport and for the flight was food, food and more food. I hit Tim Hortons for a tray of snacks. Most of it got eaten.
  • Harry kept having to go to the bathroom. Thank you to the lady who watched our bags.
  • Harry started playing with someone else’s luggage.
  • We went to use the family room to change Charlie before boarding. He was nice enough to have a big poop while we were waiting for the room to clear. Dodge that bullet.
  • Upon boarding, we realized we were in the very back. Row 33. Nobody behind us.
  • This was actually nice. I felt relief as it was just us in our row.
  • Harry could go to the bathroom by himself (which he was proud to do 3 times) and I would not have to bug anyone.
  • The downside. I could no recline my seat and I had a big dude in front of me who did recline.
  • The flight went great. Charlie slept 90% of it and Harry just watched TV shows.
  • Once it was over, many around us commented on how well the boys were. The flight attendants gave me a good review for travelling on my own.
  • On the way off the plane, we were last of course. The pilots invited Harry into the cockpit. That blew his mind. He was talking about it for an hour.
  • Bathroom, bags, park and fly, car and out. It went smooth. Harry made it better by pushing Charlie in the stroller while I managed the bags.
  • Home sweet home after 11 hours door to door.
  • The rest of the night was about unpacking, eating and getting the boys ready for school on Tuesday.
  • Charlie was still a sick boy.


  • Up early for school. Harry did not want to go. It was hard.
  • We were all dressed and out the door by 7:45 am. I had low expectations for Charlie lasting an hour.
  • I had some appointments that morning, so if he made it to noon I would have been happy.
  • Both boys lasted all day! What a great surprise.
  • During the day I cleaned, relaxed a bit with the Breaking Bad finale and then it was time to do the pick up.
  • First I did a tuxedo pickup. What? See later.
  • Dinner, playing, double bath and two bedtimes….I was done.  When is Katie coming back?


  • Again, up early for school but this time Charlie was super hot again. Why did he go backwards?
  • Dressed and out the door again and this time I had a free day to myself. Or did I?
  • I dropped the boys off and before I could get out the door, they said Charlie had a high temp.
  • I just called it right there and took him home.  I had the time and I just wanted to get him better.
  • He slept all morning and woke up looking even worse.
  • Doctor time.
  • Went to the clinic and got a prescription for antibiotics.
  • After picking up drugs, car battery died.
  • CAA boosted us.
  • Home 4 hours later to let Charlie sleep more before going back to get Harry.
  • Pickup was fine. Dinner was fine. The night was going great.
  • I had the hang of this whole parenting by myself thing.
  • Bedtime went off without a hitch and I even stayed awake for Survivor.
  • Then the rails came off again.
  • Harry was screaming he was sick.
  • It was a task just to calm him down.
  • Finally we agreed he could sleep with me.
  • We did not really go to sleep until 3 am. He was full of snot and could not get comfy.
  • What a long night.


  • With only a few hours of sleep, I was not ready to get up for the school run.
  • Charlie seemed much better on the drugs and ate a full breakfast.
  • I let Harry sleep until I had to get him up.
  • Funny enough, he came down like a brand new man. Smiling and laughing.
  • Great!
  • Got both kids off to school and the stayed all day.
  • Harry had a fun day with new friends and even ate some food.
  • Thursday night hit me hard.
  • I made an early dinner and we played before an early bed for both boys.
  • By the time I cleaned up and did a few things on the computer, it was 9 pm.
  • I lasted 15 minutes. Passed out and woke up at 10:30 pm. Went to bed.
  • Soon, I will have help.


  • We all slept until almost 8 am. Whoops.
  • I turned that morning around and had the boys out the door in 30 minutes.
  • Again, they both had great days but still had colds lingering.
  • During the day I finally gave up trying to keep things clean. I took a “me” afternoon.
  • I watched a movie and had a nap.
  • Hey, it is needed.
  • I picked the boys up, we played outside and had a nice dinner. Last night on my own.
  • I did the double bath, double hair wash as they would have a sitter on Saturday night.
  • Both boys were passed out by 8:15 pm.
  • I watched TV and just relaxed as Saturday was going to be busy.
  • Shark Tank finally.


  • No school. I had to come up with a plan to entertain the kids all day.
  • Harry had soccer at 9 am. We watched and Charlie had a blast on the gym floor.
  • Harry loved his class. He has a dance when he scores a goal.
  • After soccer, we went to see what was at the City Harvest event going on in Halifax.
  • We went to the water front. Walking around, playground, danger wave and then the surprise fun.
  • We randomly got to go on the last ride of the season for Theodore Tugboat (for free!)
  • Harry was blown away. A 30 minute ride in the harbour and free cookies.
  • Charlie liked the free cookies especially.
  • After the boat ride, we got in the car and went to the next thing.
  • A free petting zoo with a donkey, some goats and a cow.
  • Charlie fell asleep by this point.
  • Harry loved the animals eating food from his hands.
  • It was noon. Time to head home for lunch.
  • Light lunch and then naps.
  • I did it. I made it. Katie would be back later.
  • Wait, there was so much more.
  • It was the night of Katie’s work gala to raise money for the QEII hospital. Yep that is what the tux was for. Black tie all the way.
  • I won’t go into the story because it was chaotic, but in the end I met Katie at the event and we looked sharp.
  • The boys were home with a babysitter.
  • We did it. We were reunited. I gave my wife a hug and we hit the party.
  • What a reward after the week I had right?
  • Home after midnight. We were all back in one house.


  • Wife was up first, hugged Harry and everything was getting back to normal.

I know I missed a lot. I know I could not do it justice of how tired I was. But I did it. #nomomweek went off without any major issues.

Do I want to do it again? Hell no. But I could if I had to.

Now if only we could all get rid of these colds.

6 months of parental leave trained me for this week – I think I won the gold medal and will be turning pro.