Day 132: That’s It Folks, Show Is Over


Parental leave is over. My life returns to normal. Back to work I go tomorrow. Hope I remember how it all goes.

Everyone has been asking if I was going to do some epic finale post to wrap it all up? Well of course I am. But not yet. I want to let it sink in. I want to reflect on what the last six months were to me. I want to talk to grown ups again.

So, yes, I will do a concluding post at some point, but for now you will have to wait.

With all the sickness running through our house, my last few days have flown by. I have been too busy caring for the baby and running back and forth to daycare to notice it all slipping away.

It was a good run. How often do you get six months away from work that does not involve being fired or retirement?

I also want to experience what it is like to return to the office before commenting on the whole thing.

What will it be like? Will I have a new perspective of working? We shall see.

Today was a pretty boring last day. No big celebrations. No tattoos to mark the occasion. Just a normal day where I got to cook dinner and hang out with my family.

In the coming days as I ride home in the dark, it will be the simple times I will miss the most.

It will be an adjustment for all of us. It will probably take a few weeks to fall into a new routine. We have once again successfully brought a kid to the age of one and off to daycare. Not bad, not bad.

The one important thing I did today was vote. Nova Scotia went to the polls today. Soon we will see who will be the next Premier of the province.

No photos today, I was not in the mood. There was too much sadness in my head. Bummed that our baby boy is still sick. Sad that my parental leave is over. Sad that I am returning to the normal grind with everyone else.

Don’t worry, it will pass. Stay tuned for more as I return to the work force and hopefully remember how to do my job.