Parenting Digest: Get Ready For March Break & More


There are so many awesome parenting blogs out there, who has time to read them all. This is especially true when you are supposed to be watching the kids (right?). Well to help you out and share the love of the parent community, I want to share some links that I really enjoyed. I won’t promise daily, but when I do post, I will feature at least 10 articles worth a read.

Parenting Digest for March 12, 2015

The Daddy Files – The Pros and Cons of Complimenting Parents in Public
The Dadcade – What Video Games Can Teach You About Your Family
Scary Mommy – What a Mom to Boys Really Wants to Hear
National At Home Dad Network – Why I Will Always Fight Against Mr. Mom
Solo Mom Takes Flight – 27 Awesome Things to do in Toronto During March Break
ModernMom – I’m Bribing My Kids To Eat Better
Crazy Adventures in Parenting – Bacon Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese recipe
MommyQ – Top 5 Things I am Obsessed With
The Guardian – Diaper-Changing Dads Need a Place to Deal With Poo
Huffington Post – Men Are Doing More Work at Home, But Women Still Say They Have it Harder

Let’s close on a song that is trapped in my head. Calling Jason Bourne to save me from this hell.

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