Our Son Is A Christmas Double Agent

Ah the secrets. The secrets get pretty heavy at Christmas, especially for the kids who end up going shopping with mom or dad.

Today, both my wife and myself grabbed our 3-year old and took him out to shop for the other parent. Both times he came home saying, mom/dad said not to say where we went or what was bought and it was a secret.

My son the double agent. He knows too much.

The mean thing to do would be to interrogate him. He would fold in 30 seconds. But that is no fun. I did not ask, I did not bring it up, nor will I.

Same goes for my wife. At least the boy keeps secrets now. Before when we have tried this, he would run in the door yelling just what I had told him not to say.

So there is progression. He is learning the tricks. It was so much easier when he was a baby and you could tell him anything and he was the ultimate vault.

Anyways, the update on Christmas for us is the shopping is all done other than tape. We forgot to stock up on scotch tape to wrap all these gifts.

One more trip to the grocery store and we should be good to hunker down and do it up Christmas style.

We of course will miss the family, but staying put for the holidays does have perks. No traveling, no stress, less cost and most importantly, relaxing. Thank God for Skype.

Our little double agent just went to bed, I wonder if he can keep all those secrets for a few more days? All it would take is a cookie…….no that is not nice. I do liked to be surprised anyways. Can’t wait to see what dad got this year.

Happy Holidays.