Mr. Freezie Or Not?


Welcome to the summer of 2016 everybody. Turn up the Drake, turn on the AC and let’s get the party started.

Summer means running in sprinklers, backyard BBQ, later nights and of course enjoying an ice-cold freezie. Those frozen bags of joy that so many kids get all over the place.

Our boys were introduced to freezies a few years ago and it went two different ways. Our oldest, Harry, who can be picky to be polite, only likes one flavour.

Charlie, our youngest, he loves it all. He loves sucking the bag clean of all sugary juice.

As you can guess, between the two of them, Charlie is the easy one.

The flavour that Harry will only eat? Not orange. Not red. Not even blue. Nope he will only eat the white ones. Maybe the most rare of the flavours. It is the kind that is always gone when looking in the freezer. It’s the kind school does not have when it is time for a cold treat. It is the kind that will continue to cause disappointment and sadness in our house when it’s all gone.

giphy (1)

Yesterday I even picked up some real popsicles, the rocket kind, and Harry still would not bite. White freezie please.

They all pretty much taste the same right? Harry won’t budge on even trying a new kind. I don’t get it.

The positive side I guess is there are way more popsicles for me. But it would be nice to not have that sad face when there is a freezer full of goodness. Just not white.

My optimism does remain high for our picky friend. He used to hate slush. Yes he would not go within a mile of a slush it seemed. He would scream and run at the idea of trying one.

Then he did. Then he loved them. Now we can’t walk by a Tim Hortons without him asking for one of those frozen lemonades.

So there is hope for a freezie that is not white right?