Everybody Wants To Be In The Kitchen At Our House

This is what happens when the snack cupboard stays closed.

For many, the kitchen is the center of the house. It’s the heart and soul. It is where so many memories, good or bad, happen.

In our house, everybody wants to be in the kitchen.

We are not sure if it is because my wife and I are in there, or that is where the food is, but our two boys can’t stay out. Even barriers can’t slow them down.

All day today, one kid or both would be getting into mischief in the kitchen.

Now that Charlie is walking, this is especially hard to limit where he goes. He tends to do the “just strolling through” walk, as if we are falling for that.

He wants food. He knows where the snack cupboard is and every now and then, he can be found banging on the door like he is at a rally of some kind.

Harry, well he just wants to be where everyone is.

It is most difficult when we are either trying to cook food or do something with the dishwasher. Apparently dishwashers are like crack for toddlers. Nothing like grabbing all those dirty plates.

With the way our house is set up, they will sometimes keep going round to the dining room. Again, lots in there that should not be touched. Charlie keeps pulling 50 Shades of Grey off the book shelf for some reason.

The weekends are big for kitchen time. It is a lot of fun to see Charlie walk around and bring us stuff. But I look forward to the day when you can tell him to turn around and go in the other room.

Well, that does not even work with Harry, so I guess it is just a dream.

Will their love for the kitchen roll into a love of cooking? I sure hope so. I would love to have two sons who like to cook us food.

Or will they just remember that the kitchen is where the snacks are? Obviously, I hope it is not that.

Where do your kids love to be in your house?


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