Day 47: Adding Some Flavour With More Herbs

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Another great day of weather in Halifax. It was a day to make the most of it however, as we have some nasty rain coming our way for a good part of the weekend. Better start making a list of things to do inside. Not a lot went down today. Oh, unless you look over the fact that I slept in Harry’s bed for a chunk of the night. He came into our room around 4 am and I took him back to bed and stayed. Next thing I know, my wife is waking us up to start the day. I slept, but my hips were really sore when I got up. Harry’s bed sure is not as comfy as ours. So the day was going on little rest. Charlie and I had to head to the grocery store to get formula. That was the big goal of the day, so we were successful. Now I have to see if I have it in me to stay up late to watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Good luck to me.

Here is the rest of the who, where, why, what for Day 47 on the PL.

Who: Charlie

Sorry for providing too much information, but today Charlie boy had the most epic poop I have ever experienced. Not only did it clear the first floor of the house, it caused a full load of laundry and full changing of garbage bag in his room. I am not sure what kind of food he was sneaking on the side, but man. I don’t think I really have the smell off me yet. Yep, parents, we have all been there.

Where: Canadian Tire Garden Center

On the way home from the grocery store with formula in hand, we stopped off at Canadian Tire to look at what they had in the way of herbs. Harry has a little herb garden on the deck that he loves to tend to and the chives were the only plant to make a return from last year. Today I stocked up with basil, thyme and chocolate mint. Yep, there is such a thing. I think we will be making some fancy deck cocktails soon. Once Harry was home from school, we planted the new herbs and gave them a water.

Why: Harry was an emotional roller coaster

Well, you add up the lack of sleep, a long day at school and a dinner that was not his favourite and you got a 3-year old riding the emotions. Tonight, it ended with a time out on the stairs, something he has not had in a long time. He is all better now and in bed. Hopefully he has a good sleep to get back on track.

What: Laundry

Today I felt like I did laundry all day. Two loads for me, one for Charlie and one for Harry. Those boys have a lot of clothes. I also realized I have a lot of old clothes. Oh well, as a parent, you tend to forget you need to update your wardrobe as well. One day, one day, says me. I need to end this post and go and put the last load in for the day. That should keep me busy for hoops in two hours.

Photo of the Day

Sweet Valley Herbs people.


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