Day 46: Never Run With A Sucker In Your Mouth


Another beauty of a day in Halifax today. Glad it worked out because we had the car and it was adventure Wednesday. The plan was to go to a new park and possibly a new playground. Well the first worked out. I took the boys to Shubie Park in Dartmouth. Now, we have been there before (at least with Harrison), but that was a long time ago. The weather was ideal. We took lots of photos, sat on a lot of benches and saw a lot of ducks. We even saw a giant dog swimming after ducks and a mom taking pictures of her nude toddler wading in the water (in a non swimming area of the park). Hey, if that is what they do in Dartmouth, more power to them.

Of course and outing like that tired out both boys making it an easy afternoon for naps. I was able to get some writing done and catch up on other blog duties, mainly for Cuzoogle. Those hosting companies, they like to get paid.

Enough about boring blog stories, let’s move on to the rest of Day 46 on the PL.

Who: Harrison

After being at the park  for a while, Harry was getting snacky. I am sure your kids get like this too after a lot of walking. Before I found the granola bar in the bag, I saw a bag of candy from the weekend’s birthday party. So I offered him a sucker. He went for it and it kept him busy and happy the rest of the time we were there. But whenever Harry has a sucker, we have to remind him to not run with it in his mouth. You can only imagine the painful things that could happen. So here is the conversation we had.

Me: Harry don’t run with the sucker in your mouth, remember?

Harry: Okay, okay. Can  I gallop?

Me: No.

Harry: Can I walk fast?

Me: No.

Harry: Okay, okay I will just walk.

Where: Shubie Park

Shubie Park is a huge park located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. There are many trails, an off leash dog area, canoe rentals, camping and overall general awesome open spaces to play. It is a bit of a drive for us but when we go, it always amazes. I remember the first time I took my parents there, we kind of got lost. It is that big. I think I actually like it more than Point Pleasant Park although PPP has the ocean. Harry sat on every bench he could find, climb on rocks, did balancing on logs and said hi to every duck he came across. We even saw a turtle sunning himself on a rock. If you have young kids and live in HRM, you have to go.

Why: Cereal for lunch

I was very undecided for lunch today. While the boys chomped down on theirs, I settled for a bowl of cereal. That of course led to the question from Harry, “why are you eating that for lunch?”. “Don’t you know cereal is for breakfast?” I explained that cereal is good any time of day so I am expecting him to pull that out on me soon.

What: Cutting the grass

After nap today the boys helped me cut the grass. Charlie supervised from his stroller, while Harry helped me push the mower back and forth in straight lines. He was a big help and the grass looks great. I asked Harry to do some raking but that is when he went to do something more fun. Typical.

Photo of the Day

Father and son taking in a freshly cut lawn.


From the Internet

A cool video from the guys as How To Be A Dad.

It’s time to put down the game controller, close the laptop, and get out of the house. It’s time to play. To fall. To discover what the world has to offer.

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  1. Love this! My kids always want to walk fast when I tell them not to run. And then skin, because that’s safer right?!
    (PS Welcome to Social Fabric)

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