DadsRT: The Day I Thought Our Son Was Going To Die


I did another guest submission for the Dads Round Table. This time it was telling the story of one of the scariest days I have had as a parent. Since it went live yesterday, I have received a lot of great feedback and comments.

I hope you go and read the full post.

It was late November, 2010. Our son Harrison was just over a year old and starting to eat everything in sight. You remember that age. As you are eating your food, you keep giving your kids some to see what they do. Nothing wrong with that right?

For some time, we had been giving our son Cheerios and of course he loved them. What’s not to love? To this day, cereal is one of his favorite food groups.

So on this random weekday in November as we were having a normal morning before both my wife and I head to work, I was enjoying a bowl of Froot Loops. Pretty healthy stuff.

This was one of those special boxes that had a blue loop that was supposed to be blueberry or grape or something. It really just tasted like sugar.

As my wife and I were eating our cereal and Harrison was sitting in his high chair watching, I decided for whatever reason to give Harrison a Froot Loop. My wife gave me a quick look of disapproval but I did it anyways.

It was even one of the special blue ones. Big day for my kid I was thinking. Harrison of course grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth. No big deal. Then things got real fast.

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Thanks again to the team over at the Dads Round Table for sharing this with their legion of fans.