Day 45: Starting To Get The PL Blues


Don’t worry, that title may be a bit dramatic. I am still loving parental leave and every day there is something new. But, the weeks are starting to melt together with all the routine stuff just being well, routine.

I know soon enough Charlie will be doing a lot of new things and most likely I will be there to see it first.

The PL blues could also just be the weather as today was kind of overcast and blah until late in the afternoon.

Whatever it is, I am sure it will pass as summer is about to start. At the same time, I need to get back to thinking of new things to do and to stop settling for the same old, same old. Routines are great for the little ones, but they could also use an injection of new.

Tomorrow we have the car and Harry has asked to go on an adventure, so maybe that is the best way to kick of the new.

I was thinking to myself today, I have not been in an office for over two months. That is a hard thing to imagine since many of us spend most of their weeks at the office. I do hear stories from work and read about new projects on social media, but it is not the same as being there.

Anyways, back to Day 45.

Who: Charlie

The talking is coming. Oh it is coming. The last few days I have had a Charlie Babble on my hands. I only wish I knew what he was saying. I have been working on him to say ma ma or da da but he choose to stick to his own language. Harrison claims he knows what it means but I am skeptical. I can’t wait to hear what his voice will be like. How he sounds when he says words and sentences.

Where: Neighbourhood

We went for a long walk today with the dog, checking out the houses in the ‘hood. Lilacs are everywhere including in our yard. There is a lot of great garden inspiration in our area and Charlie likes to see it all first hand. We did a loop down Parkland and through the pathways the connect the side streets. Then we snuck past Harry’s daycare. Although his teacher said she saw me go by. Apparently when you are giant like me, you are easy to spot.

Why: One less bottle

For whatever reason, Charlie was not a hungry guy today. This is rare. He left some of his 10 am bottle and then did not even touch his 1 pm bottle before passing out for nap. This kid never misses a meal. We have a theory that he does not like the different brand of formula we picked up. Anyways, he had a full bottle before nap and seems to be back on course. We all need a break from eating the same thing all the time right?

What: Big Green Egg

The egg was out in full force tonight. The 1-year eggaversary is close and if tonight was the party, it was fitting. The menu was chicken thighs, potato skins with the leftovers mashed in and smoked asparagus. It may have been my favourite version of thighs to date. The difference this time was I put a little bit of beer in a can and left it inside to add that extra bit of moisture. Pretty good meal for a Tuesday, but when you are home all day, I guess anything is possible.

Photo of the Day

The dinner that was just mentioned.

From the Internet

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