Day 41: If I Am Betty Draper, I Need To Drink More


Well that title got your attention right? The reason I referenced Betty Draper was the quick conversation my wife and I had as she was heading out the door. Today, she left for work before 7 am, came home at 5:15pm, ate dinner and left again to meet a friend for a drink.

As she was leaving I called her Don. Today I felt like the house wife left all alone with the kids while my working in the city husband lived it up and then headed back to have fun with the boys.

Now, it is not like that at all with us, but it is fun to joke that if I am going to be the Betty Draper in this scenario, I need to drink more during the day. Then Katie pointed out I would need to be crazier as well.

Yep, today was a long day and it started with the cat waking us all about before 6am. Awesome.

Two boys, little sleep and no car. The good news, it was a sunny, sunny day. For me that made things instantly better. I made it. They are both asleep and “Don” is out on the town. Time to pour myself a vodka and light up a smoke. Betty for the win.

Here is the rest of the who, where, why, what for Day 41 on the PL.

Who: Linda the Crossing Guard

The boys and I went to the park just up the street to play and get some sun. We did the swings, the climbing things and jumped off rocks. After we were done, it was time to head home. That meant crossing the road. Since it was the lunch hour for Halifax West High School, there was a crossing guard to get to our street. I asked Harry to go and ask the lady to help us. We walked up to the lady in the bright orange vest and she instantly said “hi my name is Linda, what is yours?” Harry was shy and then in a very direct way asked for her to help him cross the road. She did, and we kept going. Harry thought it was cool how she got the cars to stop. Anyways, not a bad thing to teach your kid about crossing guards. Thanks Linda if you happen to read this.

Where: The sandbox

After nap, we headed to the backyard before the sunny weather left us. I parked Charlie in his stroller and worked on the garden, getting the last of the pesky weeds. Harry, meanwhile, worked on his sandbox. We cleaned it out on Monday and today he put all his toys back in and started raking the sand. He looked like he was on the 7th hole the way he was cleaning up his sand. He was drawing lines that were his garden and helped pick out any little weeds that had creeped in the sides. The sandbox is officially open for the summer now and I know we will be spending a lot of time in it this year.

Why: Book organizing

This morning while Charlie slept, we did some organizing to Harrison’s books in his room. Why? Well because he has so many that a lot of them don’t get looked at anymore. I cleaned out all the old ones that are now a little young for H and then tried my best to organize them on his book shelf that had some kind of order. Dr. Seuss books together etc. It was great to purge the huge pile and make it easier to find a good book to read. Sure enough, all day, Harry has been picking through his bookcase, finding books that he seems to think are new. Yep, they have been there for months. Plus, Katie and I need a shake up from reading the same Winnie The Pooh book every night.

What: Lunch and dinner

Lately Harry has been a very grumpy eater and not really eating at meal times with us. Then of course, he is hungry and then moody and then hysterical. He always wants snacks instead of meals. Well today, I did my best to avoid snacks and sure enough, he ate all his lunch and almost all of his dinner. This is probably the first day (at home at least) that he has had such big meals back to back. It makes him feel better, which makes us feel better. Also, based on the food he packed away today, I think he is having another growth spurt. Now if we can only get some veg mixed into those meals.

Photo of the Day

The hat wearing Wolf Pack.


From the Internet

Dame MagazineMr Mom vs Me

“You’re like Mr. Mom”, the old man told me as I stood in line at the supermarket.

At the time, I had my infant son, Charlie, hoisted into the Bjorn and my two year old daughter, worming around in the racecar portion of the shopping cart, trying to grab candy from the rack. I nodded and gave him a courtesy smile as I loaded tampons and toilet paper onto the conveyor belt. I wasn’t sure whether to thank him or knock his teeth out.

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