Day 42: The Boys Of Summer


Oh wow, the end of yesterday was amazing and a great tease of what is to come in the upcoming weeks. I am talking about the weather. It was one of those perfect Halifax evenings. Just enough heat and the right amount of breeze. Plus it was light out well past 8 pm. It makes the day feel longer and gives you much more time to play with the kids, or as I am going to call them, the boys of summer.

Yesterday was a quiet and lazy day for Charlie and I. We went for a walk, did a little gardening and lazed around for the afternoon. Then when we picked up Harrison at school, that is when summer started to show. It was muggy in the house, the windows were letting in fresh smelling air and of course, I had the grill fired up.

Playing with my kids, having a lazy afternoon and grilling for dinner. What a perfect day it was on the PL. Here is a little more for your appetite.

Who: Harrison

That kid. I tell yeah he makes me smile every day. After dinner last night, the weather was so perfect he wanted to go outside again. How can you say no? So before bed, we went over to the loop to ride the bike. He must have done 15 laps before calling it quits. Off in his own little world singing a song and ringing his bell as he goes around in circles. Two guys were washing their cars and that had Harrison distracted to the point that he kept almost crashing into the curb. That boy and cars. I think the loop will become a nightly ritual for two reasons. First, Harrison loves it. Second, it tires him out and burns off that last little bit of energy that keeps him awake. That last few nights it  has been bath, book, bed and out cold. No getting up. No stalling. We LOVE this.

Where: White Point Beach Resort

My awesome wife gave the family a nice treat this week. She booked us a weekend at White Point Beach Resort for the Labour Day weekend. If you have never been, I say check it out now. The have rebuilt and it looks better than ever. The place has something for everyone. Relaxing beach for the parents and a pool and many activities for the kids. Sun or rain, there is a lot to do there. We also know from our first visit a few years ago, that the food is tasty and filling. I can’t wait to go even though it means summer will be coming to a close.

Why: A new fan

This family is going to need a new fan with the hot days ahead. Right now there is a fan in Harrison’s room and Charlie’s room. That leaves mom and dad to sweat. No way. We will be picked up a new fan this weekend. For those who don’t know Nova Scotia’s weather, fans are the way to go. We don’t get enough super hot days to justify an air conditioner and in our neighbourhood there is always a breeze. It is mostly for sleeping when it can get a little muggy in the house.

What: Baby ducks

On our walk yesterday, Charlie was fascinated by the baby ducks swimming in the marsh out behind our house. I have really noticed him noticing a lot more lately. He focuses on cars, people and anything moving. He sat and watched the ducks for a good five minutes swimming around with their mom. It is so handy having a bit of wildlife so close to home. I am sure we will be spending a lot of time this summer out on the trail looking for ducks, deer and more.

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