Day 40: Thinking About The Cottage Life


Well that was a beautiful day of weather in Halifax. The rain and dreary skies left and it was nothing but sun today. That made for a great day for being outside, going for walks and getting some more gardening in. I only had Charlie today, so it was pretty much do whatever I wanted time.

We just had delicious burgers from the Big Green Egg and there is nothing better than the smell of burgers on the grill on days like this.

So, the kids are in bed, my hands are clean after changing a very loaded diaper and now it is time to reflect on Day 40. Wow Day 40?

Where did the time go?

Who: Michael Bluth

You thought I was going to talk about my kids right? Well while I had my afternoon tea, I watched the first episode of the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. The cast pretty much looks the same and it was the same dry humour I so enjoy. The Bluth’s are one messed up family but you love them all. Gob and Buster, man they are a laugh. I won’t talk about any of the plot lines as I am not into giving away spoilers. But it picked up pretty good from where it left off many years ago. I would guess for many, the build up was so great, there is no way the show can live up to the hype. But I am enjoying it so far.

Where: The library

This morning after nap and a bottle, Charlie and I walked to Keshen Goodman Public Library. It is a 20-30 minute walk from our place depending on who is with me. Since it was Charlie in a stroller, we made it there in just over 20 minutes. We had to take back some books and pick up some new ones for Harrison. It was such a nice day, the walk felt great. There were a lot of people on the trail and of course Charlie was getting the looks. We hung out for a bit and picked out a handful of books. I even grabbed one despite the fact I have not read a book since October. It is called Family Inc. by Caitlin and Andrew Friedman. I will let you know how it is once I am done. The cover got me as it says “office-inspired solutions to reduce the chaos in your home (and save your sanity). Looking forward to sitting out on the deck in the sun with a good book.

Why: Cleaning up pee

Well, we have pets. A dog and cat to be exact. They don’t like their ranking in the family any more and almost on a daily basis do something to remind us. This morning it was going downstairs to see pee all over the downstairs bathroom floor. Sometimes it is hard to deduce who did it, but this one had cat all over it. The smell, the amount and the fact that the litter box had been emptied. Yep, great way to start a day. Then I turned to see that the couch had two messy spots on it. One was big, one was small. Both animals lived it up and slept on the couch over night. Again, had to clean that up. Can’t they just do normal, pleasant pet things?

What: The cottage is near

Last summer we went to a cottage located in Thousand Islands Park in New York state. It is a family gathering place for my wife’s clan. It was amazing. I did not want to leave. Well, we are going again this summer for a wedding and to see pretty much all the same people again. The plane tickets got booked today, so it is official that we are going in July. I can’t wait. I know Harry can’t wait. Last year we drove and it was an adventure. This year, the thought of doing it with two kids was tiring. So we are flying to Ottawa and driving with a rental.

Photo of the Day

The kid is a deep thinker. Or maybe he just wants the cupcakes.

From the Internet

Check out the Canadian Dad Blog. Chris is the man when it comes to dad blogs in Canada. He is friendly on the social networks and from what I can tell, always happy to lend a hand (virtual or not).

From his site:

My blog is a lot of things to me. It’s a place for me to share my stories of fatherhood. It’s a place where I can talk about the products and stories that I like. It gives me a voice, to speak about the evolving role of fatherhood. It let’s me talk about other great Dads and allows me to share stories of Canadians who are doing amazing things!

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