Day 34: No Kids, No Wife, No Problem

day34-1Well today was a throwback of sorts for me. I was left all alone with nothing to do but what I wanted.

I mentioned my two lists yesterday, one for chores and one for fun, and I dipped into both today.

First thing this morning, after sleeping in until 8:30, I did up a photoshop of Rob Ford since his latest scandal just screamed something for   Cuzoogle. It had the immediate effect as traffic blew up for a good 20 minutes.

Ah, it was a classic morning as that is what I used to do every day five years ago when I was a full time blogger guy. Nobody around but me and my computer.

Once that was over, it was time to get out and do stuff.

First I hit up the bank to deposit a cheque and then it was off to the Halifax Shopping Centre. I still had a gift card sitting around from Christmas that had to be used there and I had been holding on to it for new shoes.

Well, I finally got there with the time to focus on footwear.

SportChek was really the only option, plus that usually have great deals.

Sure enough I found a pair of shoes I liked that were regular price $119 on for $69.99. Take off the gift card and I walked away with some excellent trainers for just over $30.

That alone made the day a win already.

I popped over to Walmart to see if they had any decent plant boxes for the deck, but they did not. We want to start a deck garden for Harrison because he loves to water and tend to plants.

After that it was back home to relax. While lunch was cooking, I ripped into the Star Trek lego and started building the U.S.S Enterprise.

It is spread out all over the living room like a puzzle right now. But the main ship is built. Don’t worry there will be photos when I am all done. It lights up and shoots things. Harry is going to love it.

After a mid-afternoon laze on the couch, I hit the garage and the car.

Our car has turned into a garbage can as of late with everything piling up on the floor of the passenger side. So I cleaned out all the garbage and even vacuumed the car on the inside. Looks much better now.

Next up with the garage. I have been cleaning the garage up in spurts over the last month but today I got to finish it.

Took about an hour but now it is very clear of crap and much more organized. There is still a lot of stuff to pitch, but I need the go ahead from the wife on that. If our car was not so darn long, it would even fit in there now.

From there it was dinner and a little Justified.

Pretty quiet day for me but that is what I wanted today. Now I have 2.5 days to finish my lists and I feel very rested to do it.

The weather is getting pretty cold, so it might be an inside day tomorrow.

Have not heard much from the family other than the boys had a good sleep last night. I am sure between my wife and Nana, they are being well taken care of.

Happy May long weekend Canada, see you on Monday.